aEsThEtIcS aims to cover up all things beautiful and fashionable. Very rarely, you might find a one or two write-ups in the blog on offbeat topics. However, we follow the niche stringently, and don’t feel the necessity to mix and match topics up!

This blog has been created not eyeing on profit or freebie stuffs, but from the inception stage, we thought of gaining more and more knowledge on the beauty industry and fashion industry. Right now you may not find a male section in the blog, however in near future we might present the audience a segment on that!

The blog contains a few affiliate links, however we do not dedicate a lot of time on selling products through this blog and earning commissions – that’s basically not our motto. Right now we are not sponsored by any brands or companies. If you say, thats not a credit for a makeup and beauty blog, then let it be so!
People might point out that why do we use the word “aesthetics” (which is basically plural) as a singular? Its because we feel we are united, we are one. The aesthetics team believes in the old adage :- “United we stand; divided we fall!”

About the authors –

Ahana ( Owner,Editor,Writer) : Ahana, from Kolkata, started this blog in 2010 and posted a single blog in the whole year. As you might get it, that she was not at all serious about this blog. Later in 2012, June onwards, she braced up and started updating the blog, while the breaks in between shortened. Being a writer professionally, and a student too, she gets not a handsome amount of time for blogging. However, she feels aesthetics is here to stay! At least, lets be positive, without any worries of the future.

The other members of the aEsThEtIcS team include –

Riya Sorcar from West Bengal. She is the assistant editor as well as a contributor.

Nimit Agarwal from Pune. He is the junior editor, interning as a writer too in aEsThEtIcS.

Also we do hire writers temporarily, or on contractual basis from time to time for the blog.

# Outer beauty is important, however inner beauty is of no less significance. Come lets make the world beautiful! We need two things to do so : Dedication and Knowledge. #

If you ask us whats the one thing that makes aEsThEtIcs different from the rest of the Indian makeup and beauty blogs, then with due respect to all beauty bloggers, we would say, we have joined the blogosphere to gain knowledge primarly on all things makeup and fashion. This is kind of a working and experimenting space for us, where we stay connected with makeup and stuffs. Our day to day life is very far from the high-class world of fashion and makeup. So, lets break the monotony of the daily schedules with a bit of knowledge on makeup and beauty.