Monday, April 25, 2011

A brief study on the cabbage soup diet

  • 1 Cup shredded cabbage of approximate 70 grams, has calorific value of 17.
  • 1 Cup of chopped cabbage weighing 90 grams approximately, has calorific value of 21.
  • 1 cabbage leaf of 20 to 35 grams has calorific value of around 8.
  • 1 full cabbage head of 900 grams has nearly 220 calorie.
  • 1 Large cabbage head of around 1300 grams has got nearly 300 calorie. 


Many supermodels, celebs, film stars befriend cabbages in order to lose weight at a miraculous fast rate. While going for the cabbage soup diet, one generally relies on cabbages more than anything else in the world. And its supplemented with a handful of low calorie dishes.

This diet plan leaves you craving for more food,  since the food choices are very less in number. And possibly you will get bored by eating cabbages, so would want to get rid of the cabbage soup diet even before the duration of 7 days get completed.

Only once in a while, and that also only for a week, you can go for the cabbage soup diet. There is no need of doing vigorous exercises  or anything of that sort. Mainly the dietitians will put stress on the diet. You can lose upto 10 pounds of weight in just one week, so that is the only brighter side of this plan.

Everyday for a week, you have to consume two biggie bowls of cabbage soups, whether you like it or not! Along with that, you can munch on fruits like apples, guavas, et cetera except bananas.
Black tea and coffee is allowed but it must be sugar and milk free.
Once in a while you can go for  potato, if you are fond of potatoes. Otherwise i would rather suggest you to go for other vegetables, but then peas, beans, corn (lentils) are an obvious no-no!
Chicken, fishes, beef is allowed. But while you eat, please watch what you eat and how much you eat.

You can chalk out a diet for yourself. Just remember to introduce new variations in your diet everyday. So that you dont get bored easily, and go back to the same old weight-gain diet of yourselves. Also you can have a look at different recipes on cabbages, but dont go for too spicy and oily dishes.

Good Luck!

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