Thursday, April 14, 2011


RATING : - 9 OUT OF 10

 NYX HD STUDIO FOUNDATION is enriched in minerals and suitable for photo sessions, as claimed by NYX. Its free from talcum powder and paraben. Since this foundation is specialy formulated for photogenic makeup, its SPF free too. This foundation helps you in getting photogenic make up done perfectly. This foundation is said to rejuvenate your skin and also to reduce fine lines and wrinkles on your skin.

It gives you medium coverage. Spreads out evenly and is easy to blend. If you want to get more coverage, just keep applying the foundation more. The foundation is matte. The packaging is fine, comes in a pump bottle.

Since this foundation does not consist any SPF, its great to use for photographic make up. SPF reflects back light since it contains titanium dioxide, so while taking a photo, your face is gonna reflect back all the light, making you look weird and artificial.

It comes in 8 shades - Nude, Soft Beige, Natural, Sand Beige, Medium, Natural Beige, Warm Sand, California Tan. But only one dissapointing fact is that, this foundation does not have any shade suitable for dark skin tone.

There is a slight smell. But one pump of foundation is enough for one time application if you want a medium coverage. It has got a sheer to it. It lasts quite long, almost for 8 hours. Costs US $ 15 for a bottle of 1.26 oz.

Well, i am quite happy with the product. Its pocket friendly and cheap, still its a good product, worth trying! Superb for photogenic make up. I would love to purchase this product again and again.


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  1. NYX SU.CKZ i hate nyx. How cum ya praising so much nyx? R ya gettin paid or wot? I guess so. Is dis ua honest opinions?

  2. NYX is juz too gud i think this anonymous person is f-ckng loony. dont pay attention to these sort of hatersssssssssssssssssssss