Friday, July 15, 2011


Do you think you are novice in using a liquid eyeliner since it will be imperfect in your eyes? Or you are bored with the contents drying up easily after using once or twice? Whatever be the reason there's an amazing product from COVERGIRL LINE EXACT LIQUID LINER which has come in a pen format with a tip marker. First you need to shake the liner very well otherwise you will get a separated mess of products. After shaking well, it glides on very well without skipping or tugging. It dries quickly and once it gets dried it does not affect the depth of the color. It is very much comfortable too. With a little practice it can produce a clean precise line fairly easily. Its nice sharp nib like a sharpie pen makes lining eyes a cinch. Though its a new unmatched product in the market but what can be assured to the users is that it will not dry up after one or two usages like the other brands. That's why the make-up guru artist Pat Mc Grath from  Procter and Gamble has come up with this novel idea of producing the liquid liner in sharp pen format.
Like other liquid liners after a week it becomes thin,watery,anemic and grey. But it will not happen to this product. Rather you will get a clean line effortlessly. Neither it will tug nor skip. If you use it you can find how amazing it is yet not a very high range product. It costs around $7 only which you can have it by saving your pocket money. It is available at So what are you waitng for? Click it and order your Covergirl Exact Liquid Liner in order to get yourself transformed to the best-looking Hollywood stars at the end of the day.

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