Saturday, August 20, 2011

URBAN DECAY Naked Palette


Naked URBAN DECAY Palette is a must have in every girl’s vanity. Since URBAN DECAY is not available in Indian shops, i ordered it online, and was waiting eagerly to get the package. Its a biggy palette – obviously not a huge one as that of Coastal Scents, but the palette consists of 12 colors. Now why URBAN DECAY has named the palette ‘Naked’ is not known, but i assume there’s an eye shadow named ‘Naked’ in the palette, which has made the inventors name the palette so.

Some shades wont be found single, so you need to buy the Naked palette to own them. Basically you are gonna get different shades of browns in the palette, so if you love brown/nude smokey eyes, this Naked palette is just for you dearie!

You can see the Urban Decay Naked Palette’s picture on top. Its made in USA, not a Chinese product. Has got a magnet in the lid, with the help of which you can close the palette. Naked palette is a very sleek one, so it wont occupy much space in your hand bag. Also you will get a primer as well as an eye shadow brush with the palette, so thats really a superb deal. Everything for US $ 48. And the shadows weigh 0.05 oz each.

Now the problem with most palettes are that, all shades are not the same, the pigmentation varies. Naked Palette is also not an exception to that. The matte colors were really not that pigmented and not smooth to be applied properly. Suitable for the brown eyeshadow lovers, while many youngsters may not find the palette that attractive.

You can get one from any online shop. Obviously if you would want to buy all shades separately, many would not be available, since they are exclusively made for the palette. And it would cost thrice more than $ 48. Naked palette is a good one undoubtedly, but its not a must-have palette, unless and until you are URBAN DECAY maniac or may be a brown shadow lover.

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  1. Even i have the naked palette, love it, i wear almos always