Wednesday, September 12, 2012

How to get rid of lip wrinkles

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Lips are one of the most beautiful and noticeable features of women. It talks, it whispers, it bit**hes, it kisses, it flirts, it loves .... and the list goes on and on. But with age, the beautiful luscious juicy lips might get wrinkles. So what is the solution to keep your lip wrinkles at bay , and flaunt your kissers like never before?

Of course there are several ways of preventing wrinkles on the lips and also we can treat lip wrinkles. There are various fillers available for your pout which can treat those lip wrinkles. Juvederm is one such filler which fills in the lines of your lips, gives a proper shape to the lips, and also makes your pout fuller and voluminous!

Botox is another option which when used in small amounts, fills in the little folds present in your skin, and thus treats the lip wrinkles.

However there are a lot more alternatives like chemical peeling, microdermabrasion, as well as topical retinoids, which help in shedding the outer layer of the skin of your lips or face fast, and gives you a younger fresh skin. But remember choosing the procedure to treat your lip wrinkles, depends mostly on the severity of wrinkles on your skin.

Microdermabrasion and fillers can be used if your lip wrinkles are superficial. But in case of severe wrinkles around the lips, you need to take the help of laser resurfacing.
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