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Quick tips for wedding makeup

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Wedding is the most important occasion of everybody’s life, and so is the wedding makeup so very special! Bridal makeup application is can seem to be a difficult task at first, but in fact it is quite an enjoyable task. Though many brides seek the help of professional makeup artists, to get their makeup done for the wedding, you may choose to save some extra money and buy some cosmetics for you with that, by doing your makeup yourself!

If you want the picture perfect makeup done for the D Day, buy for yourself an airbrush machine, or you can rent it even. If you are not sure of how to do makeup yourself for the very important day in your life, search the web and you can find numerous video tutorials on how to do wedding makeup yourself. Choose your makeup look according to your wedding style and wedding theme.

Here are some common tips for your wedding makeup : -
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1.      Remember to apply makeup before you put on your bridal attire, that would help not to get any makeup on your bridal dress.

2.      If it’s a daytime wedding, go for a natural makeup look while for a nighttime marriage, you can put on sultry dramatic makeup and go for bold eyeshadows.

3.      Do not wear metallic eyeshadows, as you will look garish in photos if you wear metallic shadows.

4.      To make your makeup long lasting, use primer.

5.      For the lower lash line, go for an eyeshadow to line it instead of using an eyeliner pencil.

6.      In order to prevent running, you are better off using waterproof mascara.

7.      To set the makeup for the D day, take the help of translucent powder.

8.      Avoid using too much of lip gloss and go for a satin finish lipstick instead.
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