Saturday, September 15, 2012

Why should you use Vegan Makeup?

Many women are turning their faces to vegan makeup these days. They are feeling much safe to use natural cosmetics. But why so? Thats because many cosmetics have in them extracts and byproducts of dead animals, like extracts from dead insects, uric acids of cow, beeswax and the list goes on. But vegan makeup does not have these types of ingredients.

Obviously many women are not ready to use makeup products made up from uric acid of cows and all, so they go for naturally made cosmetics. Now if a company tests its products on animals, it means the company does not produce vegan makeup. So make sure you remember that when purchasing vegan/natural makeup products.

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Use safer products which are naturally made, so that your body remains free from any kind of harmful toxins. Additionally, you not only need to monitor the kind of makeup you use, but you must also restructure your food habits and diet if you want to get glowing skin.
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  1. Hi.very nice article.From now on i will be trying to buy only vegan makeup too.but can you also suggest some cosmetic brands which are vegan,preferably indian brands.I think "lotus herbals" is.

    1. Thanks! Yes Lotus herbals claim to be 100% herbal. So i guess its vegan.