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Henna tips for your hair

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Henna is a plant that consists of a burgundy dye molecule and proteins.Natural henna usually gives a red colour when applied to hair but nowadays it is also available in black and brown.It is a healthier alternative compared to other chemical hair dyes. Not only does it cause least harm , but it also nourishes the hair , cures dandruff and makes hair more lustrous.


Mix the henna powder with warm water and lemon juice till it becomes a form of paste.Adding mustard oil to this mixture will cure dry hair and yoghurt will cure dandruff. Keep this paste overnight to make sure it’s strong. Applying this paste to your hair in sections. You can leave this overnight and wash your hair the next morning.Never use hot water to rinse you hair because this might wash away the effects of henna.
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Remember to test henna on your hair to check for reactions and effect of colour. Apply it on a few strands of your hair from the tip to the root and avoid further use if you notice adverse reactions.

Enhancing colour of henna

The lighter the hair , the darker the color will appaear.To enhance the intensity of the henna colour , you should ensure conditions of humidity and moisture.Cover the hair with a plastic bag or so and use a hairdryer to keep it warm. Dried gooseberry powder will help in intensifying the colour of the henna.Repeated applications of the same will also increase the colour. With the addition of walnut or coffee henna you can increase the intensity of brown with  chamomile or saffron.
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Also remember that henna easily stains cloth and skin.Use gloves,old clothes and apply cream or Vaseline to the hairline to avoid patches on skin.Also cover the area and floor with newspaper to avoid other stains.
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  1. Other natural hair coloring tips include mixing soy sauce and vinegar to highlight dark hair. Red heads can enhance their natural color with cranberry juice. Brown hair can be made darker by boiling walnut husks in water for 15 minutes, strain out the husks and apply the water to the hair.

    Henna for Hair Color

    1. thank u so much for the additional know-how u provided!