Friday, October 12, 2012

How to get rid of pimples fast

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Tomorrow you have a date or an event to attend and (God forbid) today you see an ugly biggie pimple showing up on your face, what will you do? Bear it by grinning? NO! Get rid of it, right now.

Renowned dermatologist Jessica Wu, in an interview to a reputed magazine gave out all the secrets of how can you get rid of your pimples fast. So read on.

The hormone fluctuations in your body can help a pimple to grow on your skin. Also if you remain too stressed 24*7, that too might result in having a pimple. This is because these conditions lead to production of more oil in the skin which clogs the pores, and next a big breakout does happen! Now usually many dermatologists have a trick or two to help you get rid of such pimples fast. You just need to visit the dermatologist, rest will be taken care by doctor.

For a whitehead, a sharp sterile blade is generally used to open the zit safely. Then to drain out the oil and pus from the pimple, comedone extractor is used. This process will help you get rid of pain and skin heals much fast.

For tender lumps which may be a cyst, a drop of diluted cortisone solution dissolves it. Inflammation is reduced by cortisone. This process might leave a dent on the skin if an inexperienced person does it, so this should be done only by an experienced dermatologist who is experienced in injecting these pimples.

In case you cant go to the dermatologist, you can also help yourself. Put a cold washcloth on the affected area and then dab Visine onto the area. This will reduce the redness as well as the swell. Hot compresses must be totally avoided. That will only make the lump redder and bigger. If you are tempted to squeeze the zit, do so gently, and if nothing happens or comes out during the first trial, LEAVE it! If you squeeze the pimples hard, it can make the pus go deeper, which will create a big boil or leave a scab on the skin. That might eventually result in scar.
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