Saturday, October 20, 2012

MAC Smolder Eye Kohl review

RATING – 8.3 OUT OF 10

Smolder is actually black eye kohl which comes in a sharpen-able form. The blackest eyeliner available in the market is none other than the much hyped MAC Smolder Eye Kohl. It does not go away if you wash your face as it is water resistant.  The black is rich with a glistening oily finish.

Product description: MAC claims it to be very soft-on pencil liner, gives the eye a defined finish with the most intense, rich black color. MAC Smolder Eye Kohl gives a silky smooth matte finish. It is ophthalmologist tested.

Price: The price is little bit high with INR 790 for 1.36g-1.45 g of MAC Smolder Eye Kohl. Repurchase of this pencil is in the lesser probability ratio due to its hefty price.

Application life: MAC Smolder Eye Kohl starts to wear off in 3-5 hours of application.

Packaging: The packaging is that of any standard MAC kohl and the MAC Smolder Eye Kohl comes as a long pencil of 1.45g. It is classy and convenient.


  • Glides on smoothly and has a soft texture
  • The smolder pencil is really long and thus lasts long for its price.
  • No allergies or the MAC Smolder Eye Kohl does not make the eyes watery or itchy.
  • Good pigmentation of intense black
  • Easy to sharpen and soft while applying on the upper lash line
  • Best to get a subtle Smokey look
  • It fades off evenly
  • Ophthalmologist tested, it is found to be perfect for eyes with contact lens and sensitive eyes


  • Smudges easily and wears off fast
  • It gets transferred into the water line easily but the overall quality and staying power is poor.
  • MAC Smolder Eye Kohl is oily and greasy.
  • It also causes a crease if applied without a primer on the shadow
  • It starts to smudge fast if applied in many coats.
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  1. Haven't really tried this one, but the cons list is bad :P Nice review... :)

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