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Sarees for Durga Puja & Salwar Kameez for Diwali

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The month of October and November are festive months, celebrating festivals like Durga Puja and Diwali. So girls its time for shopping. I know many of you have already completed shopping, however the other half of you girls are still trying to decide what to buy for the festivals and look stunning! Here’s a short guide of dresses for you all.

Sorry men, i don’t have sufficient knowledge to write about your outfits for the festivals. However, aEsThEtIcS is hiring more and more able writers who can help you men in near future J

Sarees for Durga Puja

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Lets start with saree style. Sarees are the best for any women or girls of any age. Its the traditional attire of all Indians. Well, there is no need to introduce sarees to you all. You must have had tried wearing sarees at least once till date, and even if you have not then this year you should try it, what say?

For all the regular saree wearers, you too can look unique and amazing in your own saree style. Choose the colors of the sarees wisely, also pay some attention to the fabric, you are done!

Fabric of the saree : Right now, the embroidered net sarees are very IN. If you are hunting down the best sarees for yourself, and are visiting saree shops and boutiques, you must have noticed the trends. They are not so high in price, having a moderate price tag.
Faux Georgette Saree (Image Courtesy :designersareez)

Net Saree ( Image Courtesy : Bharat Plaza )
Have you tried out the faux georgette sarees? If not, this season is the best to do so. You can look simply seductive and sexy in this type of sarees. The body shape does not matter so much, you will look more toned up in this type of sarees.

Anybody would be insisting you to buy silk sarees or jamdanis or kanchipuram sarees. But don’t you think these type of sarees are too common, even your best friend would be wearing a south silk. So its better to look different from the crowd.

Colors of the sarees : Choose the color wisely. Needless to say, you must choose light colors for the daytime look and bright or dark colored sarees for the evening and night. Purple or mauve or dark pink colored sarees would be fantastic this time. However, the color is more of a personal choice so its better for you to determine it for yourself.

Salwar Kameez for Diwali

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As because i am writing about salwars for diwali ,it does not mean you cant wear a saree for Diwali and vice versa. Of course you can!

Fabrics of Salwar Kameez : Net embroidered salwars are IN, just as net sarees are.

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Also crepe and jacquard salwars are hot favourites amongst younger ladies and girls these days.

Image courtesy : utsavfashion
Embellished salwar kameez can never go out of fashion. So if you are a lover of georgette fabrics then obviously you can choose to buy such stuffs too.

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If simple is what you prefer, feel comfortable to wear printed salwar kameez, its not (un)fashionable!

Colors of Salwar Kameez : A lot of violet and dark blue colored salwars are overflooding the market. However you may choose a beige colored salwar or something in black and red combination and stand out of the crowd.

Types of Salwar Kameez : A huge percentage of Indian women are still in awe of Anarkali salwars. However, short heighted beauties stay away from the anarkalis. You need not follow a trend always. You can go your way and look beautiful, just have enough of knowledge to create a statement of your own!

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Give your anarkali salwar suits a little break, and shop some Patiala salwars in the meantime. Churi pajamas are also okay for this season, keep the length of the kameez / kurti upto the knees then.

Image courtesy : salwarkameezsale
In case you are very attached to anarkali or frock style salwar kameez, switch over to lawn salwar kameez style. Its long, and almost floor-kissing! However, its not so loose and having a straighter cut. However, sorry to disappoint the not-so-tall ladies out there, but please leave the lawn salwar kameez  for the taller girls.
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