Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Women's Sunglasses for Different Face Shapes

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Wearing sunglasses to protect from sun rays by being fashionable too is sometimes difficult. You must know which shade and frame make you look awesome. No matter what you have, whether a branded one or non branded one, try to keep your sunglasses free of any finger prints and scratches.

  • Heart shaped faces: The sunglasses must add width to the lower part of the face and draw attention to it. You can sport a round framed or one like cat’s eyes along with wide arms to make your forehead look narrower.
  • Square shaped faces: Sunglasses which are fashion forward with creative styles can be used to soften the prominent features of a square face. Don’t chose angled frame but opt for round or oval frames. Sharp geometric shapes are a big no-no to you. Narrow out of proportion frames are also better avoided.
  • Round shaped face: If you have a round face then you must choose exactly the opposite of that for square shaped ones. Go for an angular looking frame which sharpens your fuller cheeks and add length to the face.
  • Oval shaped face: You have a balanced proportion and can start to play with any frames you want. All styles look great on an oval face but still can be played by using soft angular frames.
  • Oblong shaped face: You have a little long face with narrow cheek and chin. To flatter these features you can choose a very wide sized style.
  • Diamond shaped face: Those with diamond shaped face have a narrow eye line, small forehead, tapered chin with prominent cheek bones. The best style for you is the upswept ones like cat’s eye. An oval and rimless styled frame is also great.
  • Triangular shaped face: Dramatic cheek and chin with narrow forehead and eye line demands for an oversized frame which draws attention to eyes by balancing the lower width and accentuating your face. Narrow frames are to be avoided.
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Some styles like butterfly frames suit every face shape, so jump in and start exploring the frames that suit your face.
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