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How And What Makeup To Do When You Are Pregnant

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I know you must be feeling like you are on the top of the world. Pregnancy is one of the best stage of a woman’s life. But have you noticed that your skin is no longer the same as it used to be before you got pregnant? Therefore, it is of prime importance to know what makeup to wear during pregnancy, so that you look beautiful and you baby too stays healthy and safe.

As a health organisation has recently stated that makeup, cosmetics, perfumes et al are completely safe to be used during pregnancy. But, many cosmetic products contain chemicals and toxins due to which color and scent are added to makeup products. These chemicals are not going to be harmful for your baby or your body. So choose natural or organic makeup. Natural cosmetics contain beeswax and are free from parabens, thus reducing the chances of skin irritation.

You should also opt for products which are non-comedogenic and free from alcohol. Non-comedogenic means those makeup products wont tend to cause acne and blackheads. Due to higher levels of hormones in blood during pregnancy, there is a possibility of more skin break-outs. Choose naturally moisturizing agents like Olive oil and rose hip oil. These oils will help you to get rid of excessive dryness which is another symptom of skin during pregnancy. Mineral makeup is another solution for your sensitive skin.

Pregnancy can give rise to new skin problems like ‘melasma’. It means the facial skin darkens in some areas. Use a concealer to help you for evening out the skin tone. Over that using a bit of foundation and loose powder, will make your skin look dewy and beautiful.
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During the 9 months time, you might often suffer from morning sickness. So if you are feeling not so well, then a gentle sweep of bronzer on the cheeks can make you look fresh and radiant. During the first trimester, use such makeup products and lotions which don’t have any scent. That is because during the first trimester, you might feel worse than the other 6 months. Then, when you can bear other odors, choose light perfumes and scents like that of citrus or chamomile scented ones
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