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How to treat Underarm Darkening

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Dark underarms are a cause of worry as well as embarrassment. Though one can always avoid exposing them by wearing long sleeves or clothes that do not show the underarms but during humid climate especially the summer season, it becomes impossible to avoid them since no one can practically wear long sleeves all day long. Darkness in the underarms can be caused due to various reasons. The problem can be hereditary , can be caused due to excessive shaving or waxing, residual dead skin cells or use of deodorants that do not suit your skin may be leading to accumulation of bacteria and that leads the armpit area to darken.

Whatever might be the reason, but the fact cannot be denied that this problem area cannot be ignored. Nothing is impossible in the world and especially not the treatment of darkened underarms. There are various home remedies and natural treatments that one can use to reduce the effect.
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Lime Juice: Lime has acidic properties that can be used as a natural bleaching agent. Therefore lime juice can help to lighten the dark surface area of the underarms. You can either apply lime juice directly on your underarms or you can even store lime juice in a small bottle and keep on applying it on the affected area whenever you get time.

Hydrogen Peroxide: This is an effective bleaching agent and is a popular ingredient of various skin care products. You can buy it from the nearest drugstore and apply it regularly.
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Deodorants and waxing: You can use a skin lightening deodorant available in the market and apply it at least twice in a day. If you shave your underarms too often, even that may lead to dark underarms. You can either prefer waxing or threading of the area to prevent further darkening.

Apart from these remedies also include lots of green vegetables and fruits in your diet. Avoid oily and junk food immediately and drink at least four litres of water in a day. Include lots of fibers in your diet since they help to flush out toxic wastes from your body and never apply any harsh beauty product on that part of the skin. Dark underarms can give nightmares if not treated properly. By following some of these remedies you can effectively lighten up the underarm area and go sleeveless!
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