Thursday, November 1, 2012

Revlon Color Stay Overtime Lip Color in shade Perennial Peach Review

Revlon Color Stay Overtime Lip Color in Perennial Peach is a lip product from Revlon and claims to work overnight. It stays on the lips for up to sixteen hours and needs no touch up. The product is formulated with advanced Color stay Liquid formula with soft flex that shields the lip color from kissing off, feathering or bleeding. For the glossy texture the product contains chamomile and soy extracts that further soften the lips

Revlon Color Stay Overtime Lip Color is available in twenty six glossy and gorgeous shades made to suit everyone’s need.The product have no fragrance. Perennial peach shade of this Revlon lipcolor is a beautiful peachy pink kind of color.

For a price of INR 875/- the Revlon Color Stay Overtime Lipcolor in Perennial Peach is highly priced . The quantity one gets is four ml including two ml for color and two ml for top coat which can easily last for a month or two. The product is also available at a discount from various online stores.

The packaging is quite simple and convenient as Revlon Color Stay Overtime Lip color in Perennial Peach comes in a sleek package. The long tube has color on one side whereas gloss on the other side and is light weighted and hence easy to carry.

·        Revlon Color Stay Overtime Lip color in Perennial Peach stays on the skin for a very long time

·        Provides full coverage

·        Convenient packaging makes the application of the product easy.

·        Gorgeous shades available to suit any lip type.

·        Easily available in the market.

·        Too expensive

·        Not suitable for extremely dry skin

·        Not suitable for hot climate as it comes out too easily.

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