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Simple Tips to Manage Curly or Wavy Hair

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Along with facial beauty, there is another thing which mattes a lot. Its our hair! But due to so much of rush these days for leading a fast and busy life, we do prefer straight hair over curly or wavy hair. The reason is straight hair needs very little of maintenance. But then not all chemically straighten their hair. Curly hair too is beautiful. Many women crave for bouncy shiny curly hair.

Curly hair is difficult to maintain and can become messy and result in brittle hair if not taken proper care. So you need to keep your curly hair free from frizzes and super shiny. You also need to follow proper curly hair care techniques so that the wavy or curly hair does not become dry, brittle and rough.
So, below aEsThEtIcS brings for you some curly hair care tips. Read on.

Trimming the hair
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You should take the help of a hair stylist to trim your curly hair after every 1 month or 1 and half months. This trimming of hair will help you to keep your hair in shape always and in this way, the curly hair wont get straighten. Cuts for curly or wavy hair are different from that of other kinds of hair, and thus it requires professional know-how.
A professional hair stylist will know how to cut your curly hair to make the best use of the curls. One easy and gorgeous option is layering the curly hair. Once your hair has been cleaned up and dry, the stylist will start the job of cutting hair so that he/she can pay attention to the ends of the hair too. So trimming the split ends of your hair and keeping the layers in proper shape and length requires you to pay a visit to the salons once a month.

Washing or shampooing the hair
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Regular shampooing or washing of hair can take away all natural oil from your tresses make the curls frizzy. So you should always buy only those shampoos and conditioners which are made for curly hair, since lather can be the cause of dry hair. So you need to moisturize your curly hair while washing and conditioning the hair to get bouncy and frizz-free hair.
Don’t scrub your hair hard, be gentle while shampooing. Massage the shampoo properly in your hair, don’t be rough-handed. You should shampoo your hair 2 to 3 times per week. However, conditioning the hair everyday is necessary. Conditioners make curly hair manageable and keeps the moisture intact. Also always rinse off hair after shampoo and conditioner with cold water only, so that your hair is frizz-free.

Brushing and styling products for hair
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If your curly hair is wet, don’t ever comb or brush the hair. It damages the hair cuticles and makes the hair frizzy. Use a wide-toothed comb or you can use fingers too detangle the hair. Before using any styling product on the hair, moisturize the hair. Don’t use hair dryers. Also maintain a safe distance in between your hair and hair styling products containing alcohol. They take away all the moisture from the hair.
You should pick up only those mousse or gels which are specially made for curly hair as they are rich in moisture. You should try to style the hair while its wet and should always air-dry your hair. To prevent the sunrays from damaging the hair, use sea salt sprays.
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