Saturday, November 3, 2012

The secrets behind Madonna’s toned hot body – Revealed!

Image Courtesy : zimbio
Pop singer Madonna, one of the most beautiful singers all over the world, is 54 years old. Now, that sounds unbelievable, right? Well, Madonna has got a wonderful diet plan and exercise schedule to keep her looking younger as she ages. Are you interested to know Madonna’s fitness and diet secrets? This article will reveal all her secrets.

The pop queen is best remembered for her music as well as good looks and hot body. She has always stayed in shape and is ever fit to photograph herself in front of zillions of paparazzi and her admirers.

Celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson accompanied the pop sensation during the world tour. She had laid out a special workout programme for the star which is basically a dancing and toning workout session. However, Madonna has changed her fitness trainer recently and taking the help of dancing guru Nicole Winhoffer right now for getting a toned body.
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Madge is a die-hard fan of cardio exercises. And so she is seen every morning to hit the gym biking all the way.

She is also in for ‘barre’, which is actually a ballet inspired workout style. It is a combination of both pilates and yoga. Tainer Sadie Lincoln helps her with barre.

Madonna always opts for fresh coconut water whenever she is on the go. It is the natural sports drink and contains a large amount of electrolyte. Coconut water hydrates the body after exercises.

Madge consumes only macrobiotic diet which is rich in fiber and contains good bacteria. This type of diet promotes digestion and is believed to keep any kind of diseases at bay.


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