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Exercises for Inner Thighs

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Fitness has suddenly seemed to take precedence over every other thing with more and more people heading up towards fitness centers to lose their excess body weight. Obesity has given way to a fat free slim body and heavy pounds have carved a way for six pack abs and size zero figures. But even after exercising heavily on treadmills or jogging spots, there are particular body areas from where the fat never tends to go. For Women, inner thighs are one such area where most of the fat gets accumulated and whatever is being done to tone up the area, results in a failure. Not anymore! With these simple exercises for inner thigh, you can easily lose fat steadily:

1.     The butterfly exercise: This exercise helps to tone the inner thighs like none other. You need to sit straight on a mat and then by holding the feet, try to bring them closer to your body by using your hands. Then by placing the hands on the thighs, gently push the feet on the ground below and continue doing it for ten rounds. You will feel the stretch after every pull and push.

2.     Scissor Kicks: Scissor Kicks can be termed as one of the most powerful inner thigh exercises. Lie down on the mat and keep your hands at the side of the hips with the palms facing upwards. Now raise both the legs up and make a forty five degree angle from the floor. Now spread both the legs as wide as possible and then swiftly cross them. Repeat the exercises with uncrossing the legs and then slowly place the legs back on the mat. Do this for twenty sets.

3.     Leg Lift: Lie on the floor while resting your body on one side. Now rest your top leg on the floor and extend the bottom leg. Now lift the bottom leg up from the ground as much as possible and keep it there for some time. Then place it down. Repeat the exercise for ten sets.
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4.     Squat: Hold weights in two hands and spread the legs at shoulder width. Now squat down as much as possible and hold the position for a few seconds. Repeat this for ten seconds.

5.     Press Thighs: Stand straight and lift one leg up. Now press one thigh against the other as much as possible. Hold on the position for some times and repeat this for ten sets.

6.     Circles: Lie down on the mat and raise your left leg up while keeping the right leg grounded. Now make circles in the air with the left leg at least five times and repeat the same with the other leg. Do these set at least ten times every day.

These exercises for inner thighs are specially designed to remove the extra fat from the thigh muscles making them stronger and tighter so that you will never need to think twice before picking your favorite jeans or dress. The inner thighs exercises mentioned are simple and can be done without any equipment at the convenience of home. All you need to do is be patient and persistent and you will see the results in no time.
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