Friday, December 7, 2012

Faces Moisture Rich Fiery Orange Lipstick review

RATING : 7.6 OUT OF 10

Faces moisture rich fiery orange lipstick claims to be a creamy lipstick that contains rich pigmented color that is rich and opaque and helps to keep the lips soft. It is formulated with vitamin E so that your lips remain moisturized and protected, whenever you apply the product.

The Faces moisture rich fiery orange lipstick comes with a heavy packaging in a plastic case that comes with colored ends that makes it easy for you to pick on the shade that you need to apply.

 The fiery orange shade is perfect for them who love red. It looks like a reddish shade and is absolutely perfect for any lip tone. So though it is actually fiery orange, sometimes you get a coral red, pink or purple tinge too which depends on your natural lip color.

Price :
The Faces Moisture Rich Fiery Orange lipstick costs INR Rs 349 for a pack of 4.2 gm.

·       The Faces moisture rich fiery orange lipstick comes in an attractive and convenient packaging

·       It provides absolutely highly pigmented lips.

·       The product provides medium to full coverage.

·       It stays on the lips for long, close to five hours.

·       It has a smooth texture.

·       Moisturizes the lips well.

·       Provides a shining effect for glossy look.

·       It has a vanilla like fragrance that smells really good.

·       Not suitable for extremely dry lips.

·       The fiery orange shade is for ‘red’ lovers. It requires experimentation and does not go down very well with everyone.
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