Thursday, December 27, 2012

How to look like a super model?

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Many of us girls desire to look like the famous super models. However, not all of us know the steps to look like a super model. So, here comes an article about it, to assist you in fulfilling the desire of looking like a super model.

1.      Think of your diet. What’s going wrong in your diet? Whether you are having too much of sweets or not working out properly or skipping the breakfast! So, firstly take out a notebook and write everything that you eat. Then think calmly, if you are having any extra food that is not necessary, and if so, you can curtail the list of food items you have daily.

2.      Before changing your lifestyle, think over it again and again. Of course, changing your lifestyle and bringing a change or two in yourself, will require some extra time and effort. So do not hurry!
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3.      Create or make a plan for yourself, to get a fitter body. You might need to change your diet as well as exercise schedule. Do those exercises, which you will enjoy while doing and will also help you to get the desired body shape.

4.      You might also consider bringing about some changes in your wardrobe. Depending on your sense of style and your personality, you can shop. And if you want to follow a particular super model or celebrity, you might pick up something which resembles the outfits she wears and also suits on you!

5.      Makeup can bring about changes in your appearance instantly. So you can consider putting on some makeup every time you go out. Do not overdo the process, be simple and normal and to enhance the facial glow just add on a hint of makeup.
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6.      Remember, changing your looks does not mean to change yourself, the real you, completely! Of course you can bring about some changes in your habits and body shape, but then if changing means becoming snobbish and selfish for you, please do not change. J


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