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Pre-Bridal Beauty Tips

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For all of us, marriage is too special having a lot of significance. And so in order to look good on this special day of marriage, we need to prepare ourselves a lot to look and feel good and be a beautiful bride. We need to choose a variety of items like makeup, outfits, jewellery, hairstyles, accessories, shoes, et al. So it is very important for a bride to be, to start the bridal preparation for at least 1 and a half month in advance.

Help yourself with oil treatments and massages, deep conditioning of the hair and hair and face masks, from much ahead of the wedding day. You can do these at home and need not rush to a salon. However, for facial, hair straightening, waxing, brides need to visit salons to get the best treatments of themselves.

So, here aEsThEtIcS is going to give you a list of the do’s for pre-bridal beauty preparation :-

Facial Mask for Brides – If you do not like visiting the spa often, the mask made from egg white can be certainly useful for you. Take an egg white, start beating it until it turns into foam. Add a tablespoonful of oatmeal in it. Mix everything well to get a thick paste. Apply the mixture on your face and neck, and let it dry for 15 to 20 minutes. Then rinse off the paste with plain water.
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To get the bridal radiance, apply this mixture twice or thrice every week. Egg white will tighten the facial pores and oatmeal will take away all the extra oiliness and greasiness from the skin.

Body Pack for Brides – When it comes to homemade bridal body packs, ubtan is the best option. Take gram flour, wheat bran and yogurt or cream of milk. Add a pinch of turmeric to this. Mix everything well and keep it for a few minutes for settling well. After that, massage whole body with the pack and keep it for 30 minutes. After that you can remove it. Do this 2 to 3 times every week.

Ubtan will clear off the dead skin cells from the body. And will give the bride smooth silky skin.

Hair Mask for Brides – Take 2 tablespoonful each of olive oil, curd, honey. Also take half banana and 3 drops of almond oil. Mash everything well, so that no lump is there. Next add to the mixture half of raw egg and mix all the ingredients together. Apply on hair and wash it off after 30 minutes with the help of shampoo.

Manicure for Brides – With 3 tablespoonful of coarse sugar, add 2 tablespoonfuls each of lemon juice and sunflower oil. Mix everything to get a paste. Rub this on your hands and keep it on for 15 minutes, after which you can rinse off with water.

Pedicure for Brides – Take a bucket half filled with hot water and add into it foot salts. Soak your feet into it for 10 to 15 minutes. Use a foot scrubber to get rid of the dead skin cells  on heels. After that remove nail polish from the nails and use cold cream to moisturize the feet properly.
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