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Sweat-Proof Eye Makeup for Summer

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As summer commences, we begin stocking up sweat-proof makeup. Be it for gymming or for the summer months, sweat proof eye makeup is a must for all the glam dolls. Right? So, you will find a few tips and tricks below which can give you sweat-proof makeup and save your makeup from getting melted down soon! Let your makeup be fresh and beautiful and not smeared or smudged!

Prime your eyelids – For sweat proof eye makeup, an eye primer is absolutely useful. It helps the eye shadows to stay on your eyelids properly, this allows only minimal creasing. Primers can be a tinted formula or in a clear shade, it helps in bringing out the vibrancy of the eye shadow colors.

Go for Matte eye shadows – For hot and humid days, when it is very natural to be all soaked in sweat, give in for long-staying matte shadows. It wont smudge and would be staying in place for a long time. Matte shadows stay longer than the creamy formulae or the glittery shadows. Before applying an eye shadow, ensure your eye primer has dried up properly.

For the extra staying power of eye shadows, dust off a matte nude shade shadow or powder over the eyelids from the lash lines to the brow bone areas and then fill up the eyelids with your favourite shadows.
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Lining & Defining the eyes – How would you react when after meticulously drawing the perfect line, the eyeliner smudges just within an hour? Either you would be throwing away the eyeliner in disgust out of the window, or rubbing your eyes in anguish! Calm down. Ditch soft creamy eyeliner pencils and use liquid waterproof eyeliners or gel liners. These liners can hold up to all the sweat and heat and help you in getting the sexy dramatic eyes!

Smudge-proof Mascara – A smudge-proof waterproof mascara is a staple for your makeup bag if you do not want up having raccoon like eyes! However there is a downside of these kind of formulae, that is removal of the mascara. So keep with yourself a makeup remover always if you are wearing such a mascara.

Additional Tips –

1. Just after applying the eye shadow primer and under eye concealer, dust mattifying powder on the eye area with a help of a small fluffy eye shadow brush.

2. Before applying an eyeliner, put on a similar shade of matte eyeshadow near the lash line where you would be applying the liner. Now you can put on your eyeliner, this helps in resisting smudging of eyeliner.

3. Do not apply any kind of rich heavy eye creams in the morning, if you are going to apply makeup just after sometime. Otherwise that would lead to makeup run! You may use lightweight gels or creams for eyes or avoid it totally.
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