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Homemade moisturizers for oily skin

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Oily skinned beauties often do feel they do not require moisturizers, but this perception of them is not so correct! Oily skin too needs to be moisturized just as dry or normal skin need. So, please do not neglect your oily skin, and pay proper attention to it if you wanna get beautiful radiant skin which is silky smooth! Go through the methods below to know how you can make moisturizers at home for your oily skin.

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Method 1 :-

Ingredients –

·       Mashed ½ cup of apple

·       ½ spoon honey

Mix everything well and apply it on the face. It will take few minutes for the mixture to dry on your face, next you can rinse it off with lukewarm water.

Method 2 :-

Ingredients –

·       Mashed strawberries ½ cup

·       1 spoonful of lime juice

·       2 spoonful of honey

·       2 spoonful of egg whites

Mix all these ingredients listed above well, and apply it on your facial skin. After it gets dried, wash it off with plain water.
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