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Bed-Time Beauty Regime for Skin

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Night time is the ideal time for your skin to repair itself. Therefore the night care regime for your skin is very very important.

Skin undergoes regeneration process during the night. You may be in your 30s or 70s, age does not matter, but what matters is appropriate skin care to keep your skin fresh always and healthy too. As skin is exposed to the environment 24*7, it is susceptible to a lot of damages and also tends to age sooner than any other body parts. So, in order to improve the skin tone, reduce blemishes and blotches, and rejuvenation of the skin, a night regimen for skin is very essential.

Things to include in the night care regime :-

Remove makeup with makeup remover – Most of us do wear makeup while going to office. So it is very crucial to remove each and every bit of makeup once we return home. Removing the makeup with a makeup remover restores the pH balance of the skin, and thus we need to remove the makeup with a remover only. Take a wet cotton ball and put some makeup remover on it and then gently pat it all over your face and neck.

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Cleanse face with facial cleanser – After removal of makeup with a makeup remover is done, use a facial cleanser to clean the face. Massage the cleanser lightly on the face and then rinse it off with lukewarm water. Lukewarm water opens the pores, thus releasing the dirt and bacteria.

Exfoliation – It is not a mandate to exfoliate your skin every day, but you have a lot of blackheads, you can go ahead and scrub your face. However, do not use scrubber for more than 2 times a week, or else the skin becomes rough.

Eye Creams- There is no oil glands around the eyes. So, if you use an eye cream then the skin gets replenished and this also reduces the puffiness and dark circles around the eyes. Dab a few drops of the cream around the eye area and then massage it with light strokes.

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Lip Care – Take lukewarm water and a soft cloth. Now dip the cloth in the water and then gently wash your lips with the cloth. Do not scrub the lips. This cloth will help to remove the dead, dry skin which might be present in that area. Then, apply some lip balm which will soften as well as heal the chapped lips.

Moisturising the skin – Before you go off to sleep, please remember to moisturize the skin. Organic moisturizer is a great choice. This helps in removing the pollutants and dead skin cells. Moisturizers can also soothe and rejuvenate the skin, provide nourishment to the skin with minerals and vitamins and also do maintain the pH balance of the skin.
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