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Hair oils for healthy mane!

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If you want to pamper and treat your hair naturally, nothing is better than oiling the hair. Massaging hair and scalp with oil relaxes the mind and also prevents hair from major problems like too much of hair fall, itchy dry scalp. Oiling strengthens and provides nourishment to the hair.

If you want to promote hair growth and stop hair fall, here is a list of hair oils which can you help you to do so.

Olive Oil : Applying olive oil can condition your hair. It contains anti-inflammatory properties which is beneficial for the health of the scalp. It prevents hair fall and reduces dandruff. Vitamin E and mono-saturated fatty acids help the hair to grow.

Coconut Oil : Massaging the mane with coconut oil will smoothen the cuticles and also soften hair shafts. This also adds shine to the hair. Coconut oil can also boost your scalp health and can repair damaged hair.

Almond Oil : Almond oil acts as a sealant which can seal in the natural moisture present in hair. It provides nourishment to the hair, prevent loss of hair and also can promote growth of hair and adds shine to the mane.

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Castor Oil : If you want to stop hair thinning, you must try to apply castor oil at least once in a week. The nutrients present in this oil moisturizes hair and helps in promoting hair growth as well as hair thickness. It can also help you with hair issues like split ends, scalp problems or frizzy hair.

Rosemary Oil : This oil helps in promoting hair growth, prevents dandruff, hair fall.

Avocado Oil : Avocado oil is full of nutrients like amino acids and all types of vitamins. It nourishes the hair and helps in hair growth.

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Lavender Oil : Lavender oil is full of anti-bacterial, calming and soothing properties. This helps in preventing infections and also lice.

Cypress Oil : This oil can enhance blood circulation in the scalp and enhances hair growth and prevents hair falling.

Sage Oil : Sage oil is really good for people who want hair growth. This oil helps in promoting hair growth and health.
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  1. Oiling in hair is very important method to prevent from hair fall.

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