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How to avoid scalp odour

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Be it the monsoon or the summer season, humidity never leaves us alone! And it is this humidity and dullness which can cause dandruff and also the pollutants stick to the hair while we go out, which results in irritation of the scalp as well as smelly scalp.

Foul odour in the scalp or smelly scalp can indeed be embarrassing and very unpleasant for you. However, there are some tips jotted down below which will prove to be useful in order to tackle smelly scalp.

·       Try to wash hair each and every day. This keeps the scalp clean. Opt for medicated shampoos which have got anti-fungal, anti-bacterial properties in it.

·       Shampoos and conditioners that moisturizes the hair are a big NO as they increase the moisturization level in the hair thus making the hair sticky.

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·       Keep your body hydrated and cool by drinking enough water.

·       Alcohol consumption should be avoided as it increases the body heat by enlarging the body vessels.

·       Caffeine increases body temperature so avoid caffeinated drinks.

·       Anxiety as well as stress induces temperature, so avoid getting anxious.

·       If hair gets wet, wash off the hair well with a mild shampoo or cleanser. And go for a mild conditioner that is suited for oily and limp hair.

·       Fungal and bacterial infections do aggravate during summer and monsoon seasons. So try to keep your scalp dry and try to stay indoors while it is raining.

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·       Hair spa at home or salon is the best. Go for it regularly. A protein treatment would lock the moisture in the hair and close the cuticle.

·       You may also use shampoos which contain herbal ingredients like amla, henna, shikakai, reetha etc.

·       If possible do not use hair sprays and gels as the lacquers and gums present in it can stick to the scalp which would cause dandruff and make the hair sticky too.

·       Heating therapies like hot ironing, curling, pressing, blow drying should be avoided as these might cause dandruff, stickiness of hair, itchy scalp, and also smelly scalp.
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