Sunday, September 15, 2013

H2O+ Sea Results Eye Mender Plus Review


Today I am gonna write about the H2O+ Sea Results Eye Mender Plus. This is an anti-ageing cream specially formulated for the delicate eye area. It costs INR Rs 2100 for a pack of 15ml. It is odorless cream, white in color.

What H2O+ claims about H2O+ Sea Results Eye Mender Plus? : This rejuvenating contour cream helps to transform delicate skin around the eyes to appear more youthful.
  • Monk’s Pepper Berry targets expression lines, puffiness and fatigue.
  • Corallina, an antioxidant-rich red seaweed extract helps heighten skin’s defense against free radical damage.
  • Anti-aging nori, himanthalia and spirulina smooth and revitalize the skin with nutrient-rich moisture.

Directions of use : Apply to eye contour morning and night.

After a month’s usage, finally I decided to write on this. I gave this product to my mom to test it and let me know the results. H2O+ Sea Results Eye Mender Plus is supposed to give firmer and smoother undereyes, however I did not see any such remarkable changes. Yes, the eye area is soft and smooth but firmness could not be restored. In fact I do not expect a miracle with this product, and so the product works well as an eye care cream but when it comes to age prevention and repair, I do not know for sure whether this cream lives up to the expectations or not.

H2O+ Sea Results Eye Mender Plus takes a bit of time to absorb into the skin. Its not very thick, medium consistency and of course creamy but not greasy. It comes in a plastic container. So the packaging is travel friendly. However, the price of the item is quite high if we compare it to the results obtained after using it. Frankly speaking, this H2O+ product did not match upto my expectations. So I am trying my hands on other brands like Thalgo and Vichy for now, and have stopped purchasing H2O+ products.
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