Monday, September 23, 2013

Stick to the 90s beauty trends

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90s are back in action, especially in beauty. Be it dark lipglosses, or unisex scents, the beauty trends of the past are once again rocking the ramp and the real. So if you wanna get trendy by following the most popular trends from the 90s, you are on the right page. Just read on this article to know more.

Neutral eyeshadows for eyes : I will start with the eyes. Neutral colors are never outdated when it comes to eye makeup. Right? In the 90s, the most popular eye look was neutral eyes, carried fabulously by supermodels Naomi, Christy to name a few. To get the seductive look, nothing can beat shades of mocha, taupe, olive. So if you have an eyeshadow of nude and neutral eye colors, carry on babe.

Glitter eyeshadow : A bit of twinkle or metallic hues, anything glittery on the eyes, was the style statement of the 90s. The more bright the color is, the better it is! That was the rule. However in modern times too, glittery shadows are still in. You just need to use a bit subtle shades like gold or peachy colors or may be greys.

White eye pencil for waterline : A hint of white on the bottom lashline, inner rim of the eyes, make the eyes radiant and this makeup trick was used by all makeup artists in the 90s. So whenever you are feeling tired or sleepy, you can still use this trick. I bet this will work wonder!

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Nude lip color : A good matte nude lip color ran the show in the 90s. If you wanna look sexy, then go for a shade which is 2 to 3 tones darker than your complexion. Don’t ever go for the same shade which matches your skin color, or else you would get the corpse-alike look. For making your lips more hot, add a coat of clear gloss over this.

Dark lip gloss : Colors like plum and eggplant ruled the ramp in 90s and after 20 years, these dark glosses still captured the attention of mass as models wore it. These dramatic colors look superb on all skin tones, so this is the best thing about dark lip glosses.

Unisex perfume : Spicy musky perfumes are too irresistible for this fall. So if you have not tried it yet, go ahead and grab a unisex scent.
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