Wednesday, October 9, 2013

How to prevent nail polish from drying out

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Heya everyone, hope you are doing good. I know, I am not at all regular these days on blogger. My busy schedule is to be blamed for that. However, today I am here with an article on nail polish. Drying out of nail polish is a common issue faced by one and all, do you agree? I face it a lot and lot. So here are some tips for all for you, on how to take good care of nail paints so that you can prevent it from drying out quickly.

1.     When you are applying nail paint, always switch off the fans and air conditioners in the room. Because fans and air conditioners quickens the drying out of nail paints, so switch off fans before you start applying nail polish.

2.     After every 3 to 4 days of time, take the nail paint bottle, roll it on your palms and give it a good shake. This prevents the paint from drying out inside the bottle.

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3.     Never ever keep nail polish bottles in direct sunlight. And during summer time, keep nail polishes in refrigerator.

4.     If the nail paint has already started to thicken up, put a drop of nail polish remover in that. But then remember, if you put too much of nail enamel in the nail polish, it would spoil the nail polish, so just one drop will do the work.
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