Tuesday, February 4, 2014

H2O+ Overnight perfecting peel Review

RATING : 6.5 OUT OF 10
Today I have another product from H2O+, and I will be reviewing it. Okay this product has been used quite sometime back and just the used bottle was in my drawer. H2O+ Overnight perfecting peel is basically an anti-wrinkle product. Earlier I have reviewed few other anti-ageing products from the H2O+ brand.
H2O+ Overnight perfecting peel weighs 30 ml and costs around INR Rs 2400. I would say this product works better with oily skinned people rather than dry skinned as it absorbs very fast and in the winter season it might not work well on dry skin, unless you apply a good moisturizer over that. But in summer time, ofcourse any skin type people can use, even sensitive skinned women too. It does not have any strong fragrance and is very light weight in texture. It’s a gel as per consistency. So if you apply it before going to sleep, you may get a peel out in the morning, a thin layer of dead skin cells and dirt that is!
Directions for use : Apply to cleansed and toned skin nightly. Follow with appropriate H20 Plus moisturizer.
As usual the H2O+ product comes in a blue glass bottle with a silver top, the name H2O+ is written in silver color at the front. H2O+ Overnight perfecting peel is not a very effective product I would say. But it helps to maintain the skin, and make it look and feel good and healthy. It may not perfect the skin as it claims to do, but then if you are looking for something new to try to maintain the plumpiness of the skin, try this, you may like it!

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