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How to dress properly for summer

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When you are dressing up for the summer days,  the priority should be to keep yourself cool and dry. And also to be well protected from the ultraviolet rays of the sun.  If you are a fashionista and dont wanna choose comfort over fashion, choosing the right dresses for summer is a quite big task. However, there are many options which can make you look stylish and you feel comfortable too wearing those. Just like if you choose the right fabric of the cloth, it can make you feel comfy always. There are also some clothing which can help you from UV rays of the sun. So, if you want to enjoy the summer days comfortably and look like a diva, you just need a few simple adjustments in your closet. Wanna know how? Then keep reading.
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  • Purchase clothing which are made up of cotton or linen. These are natural fabrics and so would allow air to pass through, keeping your skin and cloth dry even if you perspire due to the intense heat.
  • Go for light colored dresses, shoes and even accessories.  Dark colors absorb heat while light colors will just reflect the heat.
  • If you are fond of layering, go for it. You can wear a tank top inside and put on a loose buttoned shirt over that. When you are outside, and the temperature gets high, you may remove the first layer and be comfy in the tank top. Again when you get inside, in an air-conditioned room, you can put on the shirt.
  • Carry umbrella wherever possible. It protects the skin from UV Rays of the sun. You can also get small umbrellas which would fit inside purse or pockets even.
  • To provide further protection to your skin, go for clothes which has sunscreen in the fabric. You can also do it yourself by adding a packet of UV protection while you wash the clothes.
  • Clothes made from moisture-wicking fabrics are best for summer times. These type of fabrics will draw the unnecessary moisture away from your body and keep the skin dry. Thus it would avoid any kind of perspiration marks or stains on your clothes.
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