Friday, June 27, 2014

Avani Advanced Micro-Capsule Serum Review


Avani Advanced Micro-Capsule Serum is one such product which is lying on the shelves after being used up totally. I was thinking of reviewing this one for long, however due to shortage of time, i really could not make it before today! Well, the product costs INR Rs 3399 though you will get it at a discounted price in online stores. It comes in a package of 30 ml. Lasts for almost a month.

What Avani claims about Avani Advanced Micro-Capsule Serum? : Enriched with natural plant extracts, collagen and vitamins A,C & E. By combining choice, natural ingredients with the latest in cosmetic technology, we have created an advanced & effective serum that will actively reduce the appearance of tired, aging skin, fine lines & wrinkles. This select blend of Dead Sea minerals, plant extracts, essential oils & Vitamins A, C & E provides the serum with a rich concentration of anti-aging, anti-oxidant and moisture boosting ingredients. With the addition of active enzymes & collagen , this serum will ensure that skin is left smooth, supple & hydrated.

 Directions of use : Using your fingertips, gently apply one or two drops to your face with a light tapping motion. To complete the treatment, apply AVANI Timeless Skin Repair Anti-Aging Cream.

Ingredients : Water, Green tea extracts, witch hazel extracts, collagen, saponins, sodium hyaluronate, carbomer, polysorbate 20, triethanolamine, viscum album extract, hydrolyzed wheat protein etc.

Anti-ageing stuffs are generally tried by my mother, so as usual i gave her this product too for review. Avani Advanced Micro-Capsule Serum is light weight serum with a nice fragrance. Not much product is required, a few drops are enough to be applied on the face and neck. However, if you apply too much then it tends to get sticky on the skin. Oily skinned people can use this product as its not at all oily. Dry skinned people too can use this and then apply a moisturizer after that.

As claimed by the company, Avani Advanced Micro-Capsule Serum keeps the skin fresh and young. It makes the skin smooth and soft. However, it wont give an extreme boost to the skin or makes the appearance of your skin young instantly. A good product to use to keep the skin hydrated and fresh and protect it from ageing. But of course its not botox to restore youthfulness to the skin in a minute or so.

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