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How can you fix fried hair

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At times we mess up with our hair. Reasons for fried hair can be multiple like using the curling or flat iron for too long on the mane, or may be staying for a long long time out in the sun or it can be your hair stylist who has dyed your locks white blonde! Whenever your hair looks and feels very dry and just like a straw, you should know its a case of fried hair! However ladies you need not panic, there are quick fixes even if you have goofed up this time. ;) Read on.
Some easy tips are like trim your hair after every 3 weeks and also keep your hair curlers and flat irons at a distance and dont use these hot tools regularly. However if you have messed it up already, you need to know some options on how you can repair your mane. So here we give you few tips to get your fried hair repaired.

Deep conditioning for your hair – Use a hair conditioner which is specifically made for dry rough mane. It should have keratin in it. Apply the conditioner generously and keep it on for few minutes. Let the conditioner absord in the shaft of the hair and this would soften your hair. For the first three weeks, deep condition your hair at least 2 times. And keep the conditioner on your hair at least for 10 minutes before you wash it off.

Also avoid washing your hair regularly. Water makes the hair dry.

Use hair dryer after conditioning  - Pick a hair conditioner which has cetyl alcohol. Cetly alcohol is an ultrarich fatty acid which holds in the moisture on the hair. Put conditioner on the hair through a comb and then blow dry your hair. After this, rinse it off.
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Mask for hair – Make a hair pack containing 2 tablespoonful each of rinse-out hair conditioner, deep hair conditoner, leave-in conditioner and also any good hair mask. Next use a comb to apply this mixture onto the hair from middle part of the hair . Now, take 2 wet towels, wring them out and then put them in the microwave to heat them for 2 minutes or so. Then wrap up your hair with the hot towels. This procedure of deep conditioning the hair should be done at least once a week.

Trim off the damaged hair – If you want to repair your damaged hair, the best way is to trim it. If you want a good shape of the hair, go for trimming after every 3 weeks. And avoid using curling irons, flat irons etc. Any kind of processing on the hair should be avoided if your hair is already damaged. Relaxers are very harsh on the hair, so are bleach, permanent coloring agents. For damaged hair, highlights are better option rather than full coloring of hair. And if you want darker shade go for glaze and not dye. And if you have gray hair and want to cover it up, demi-permanent formulae is best for your mane then.

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