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How to apply pastel makeup

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Summer is all about colors. So if you are looking to add touches of color while applying makeup, or on your hair, or in your wardrobe, thats perfectly understandable. Pastel makeup colors are currently ruling the makeup world. However, if you wanna try those awesome pastel shades then it would always help if you get a bit of assistance on what to use and how much to use. If you are more into nudes, then trying pastel shades like pink, peach, teal, lilac, green would be a fun try out. So if you want to get a soft pretty look and not get converted into an Easter egg lookalike, read on.

Keep eye makeup subtle : While applying eye makeup, please ensure that the colors blend well. And you get a soft light eye makeup look. If you are going for pastel shade eyeshadows, then go for soft colored lippy. And for a minimalistic eye makeup look, just sweep only one shadow all over your eye lids, and finish it off with coats of mascara on eyelashes.
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Chalky lips big NO : Pastel hued lipcolors are fun, but don’t go for lippies with chalky texture. Slowly build up the lip color. Dont apply it heavily or in large amout. One of the most commonly used lipcolor is pink, so if you are applying it, just check if the color tone matches your complexion.

Go monochromatic : If you are using pastel shades from the same color family, opt for monochromatic. Just like, soft pink eyeshadows would go well with rose colored lip color. Just make sure to set the right balance between the colors you use so that the makeup look does not look washed out!
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Dewy skin : When you are wearing pastel shades, make sure that the skin does not look flat and washed out. Skin must be hydrated and dewy. So definitely you can add some radiant glow and illuminator on the skin to achieve the dewy look. After you have applied blush, go for highlighter. Or else at the very beginning mix some highlighter with the foundation and apply all over the face to get an overall glowing facial skin.

Try fun eyeliner colors : If you are not an eyeshadow person, eyeliners in different colors can help you come out of the monotony. Apply white or lilac or peach or light green on the upper eyelid as well as on the lower eye lid. This will make the eyes pop. 

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