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How to do basic stage makeup

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If you are a stage performer, dancer or theatre actor, stage makeup is absolutely essential. Stage makeup is definitely heavier than the normal makeup we usually do, but then it would be lighter than drag makeup still. This kind of stage makeup needs to be heavily done, so that you can be seen from a distance, people sitting at the extreme corner opposite to the stage too can see you. Also stage lights are very harsh and can wash out any bright pigments if not applied heavily.

You need to create harsh lines and overdraw contours in stage makeup or theatrical makeup. Never go for soft blended makeup look. You need to create just the opposite of it.

CTM – Since you will be applying a lot of heavy makeup and various colors, make sure to prep the skin well first. Cleanse the face and neck with a mild face wash and pat it dry. After that use any good quality toner. Moisturising is absolutely unnecessary for oily skinned or combination skinned people, however if your skin is very dry then go for an oil free moisturiser. We need to keep the face absolutely shine free.

Foundation – Opt for a heavy coverage foundation, and choose it at least 2 shades darker than your natural complexion so that you don’t look pale when the lights are on you. Cream foundation is the best for stage makeup.

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Highlighting & Contouring – Choose a cream based highlighter and a bronzer. A very light concealer or a white creamy shadow can act as the highlighter. And any dark brown cream shadow can be used to contour the face. Areas on your face that recede should be contoured, like the hollows of the cheeks, sides of your forehead, and a sweep of the bronzer from the ears to the chin covering jawbones. Also contour the sides of your nose. You need not blend it at all.

Also do not forget to highlight the cheeks, center of your brows, top of the nose and chin. Also you can highlight the centre of your lips and the inner corners of your eyes. Do not forget to set everything up using a translucent powder.

Blush – Apply blush with a heavy hand. Make sure to use blush colors like red, orange, fuschia, on the apples of the cheeks going towards the temples.

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Eyes – Eyeshadow should be applied on the upper eye lids only and not on the lower lids. We don’t need to create any unnecessary shadow underneath the eyes, unless the character demands so. Also outline the brows with a black or brown eyebrow pencil and set that off with a similar shade eyebrow powder. Put some white highlighter on the browbones. Also you can apply white matte eye pencil on the waterline to get a more dramatic eye makeup. Its best to use eyeshadows of brown, nude, tan or light pink shades. The makeup wont be complete without mascara and false eye lashes.

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Lips – Overdrawing the lips is a must for stage or theatrical makeup. Start by lining your lips using a lipliner in orange, red or fuschia. Blend it with a lip brush and then apply lipstick of the same color on top of it. To highlight the centre of lips apply white highlighter or any light reflective shadow. In order to get a matte finish and prevent lipstick from smearing, put a tissue on the lips and dust some translucent powder over it.

Powder – To complete the stage makeup, you need to powder any exposed areas like face, neck, ears. This will prevent makeup from melting down. This will always keep the shine at bay and present uniform color to the exposed areas.

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When you are done, it should appear that you went overboard with the colors and might appear funny and weird with so much of makeup. But then i told you before stage makeup is so very different from the usual beauty makeup. So don’t be bothered, and get on the stage and rock the audience!

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