Friday, July 31, 2015

The Clumpy Eyelash Trend

Image Courtesy : The Cut
As the title of the post suggest, clumpy eyelashes are currently IN. Fashion trends change with time. So lets erase from our minds all those mascara rules we learnt in the past. Its time to embrace the clumpy a bit spidery looking eyelashes smartly. Hey, this aint a joke. Clean, clumpless lashes are a thing of the past. The spidery clumpy lashes were flaunted by models on the runway for brands like Prada, Gucci.

A reputed makeup artist from L’oreal Paris Sir John states clumpy lashes bring a haphazard bohemian look which is youthful and light-hearted. Also this definitely increases the rockstar quotient. In the Ginger and Smart Show in Australia we could see the clumpy lashes go very well with the no makeup look.

Image Courtesy : realstylenetwork
In the Nanette’s Fall 2015 Fashion show, this particular clumpy eyelash look showed that this trend can make eyes open up more if the mascara is applied in such a fashion with clumps on both lower and upper lashes. Another celebrity makeup artist Wendy Williams says mascara can change the shape of eyes. If applied thicker on the centre of upper and lower lashes, the eyes will widen giving one a doll eyed look. And if one wants to get a sultry sexy look, she just needs to layer the mascara again and again on the outer corners.

Image Courtesy : L'oreal Paris
Clumpy lashes work well with classic soft baby pink lips or red pout. That creates a nice balance. Williams gives a good tip for the clumpy lashes which is to make use of tweezers and pinch the top of eye lashes with that, which will give a spiky look. She also says the clumpy eyelashes technique will work well allongwith light eyeliners only, like white or pink. Dark eyeliners will not help the lashes to stand out! However, if you want a sexy grunge look, put some black liner, smudge it out and then put on mascara.

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