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White sneakers – A summer must have

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Summer is the best time to embrace all the flats that you have and wear them without a second thought. Be it sandals, sneakers anything flat, is apt for the season. Take a break from the high heels, let your feet relax. This summer clean white sneakers are very much trendy. So if you are thinking of trying this summer white sneaker trend, this article might help you choose the perfect pair for yourself.

We all must have worn sneakers in our childhood. Its not only very comfortable to wear but can be fashionable! However when we think of wearing a nice flirty little dress which is very pretty and feminine, we would never pair it up with sneakers. However what you thought to be a probable fashion disaster, can help you earn brownie points for being so trendy and thinking out of the box, also with 0 blisters on your feet.

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A flowy medium dress in soft color with a bit of accessories and a white sneaker in no way would be a look to hate.

Picture Courtesy : Tim Regas / wheresmydriver
If you are heading to your office and need to be in formal wear or semi-formal, you can opt for pencil skirts too. Teaming that up with sneakers is perfectly fine, but make sure you got a monochromatic look.

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If you are a fan of flared skirts which are upto your knees, make sure you tuck in the shirt or tee in the skirt. A white pair of sneakers will make the look cool!

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And if you are into leather, you may wear a mini leather skirt or a midi one, with cropped top or tucked in top, sneakers alongwith it would look fab.

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If the hemline is longer, go for sneakers which are higher than the normal flat ones. If you can play with the proportions right, it will definitely make you stand out.

Picture Courtesy : Tim Regas / wheresmydriver
Slip on sneakers are also a great option if you wanna wear something a bit long and feminine like a chiffon dress in light color.

So next time when you go to buy all white kicks, do not forget sneakers can be extremely fashionable if worn in the right way. Its not just meant to be sport shoes or gym shoes but can be worn on regular basis.

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