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How to do makeup when you are sick or tired

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At times we need to go out looking presentable and stylish even if we feel tired or unwell. So its natural that you need to use makeup to look good despite tiredness or sickness to look fresh and good. Here are a few tips to do makeup when you are sick or tired.

CTM – Just like any other day, you need to first cleanse your face. Post that toning and moisturizing is important.

Face Makeup – In order to look wide awake and fresh, go for a light-weight tinted moisturizer. Skip full coverage foundations as they tend to make the skin look dry and pale/ You can apply a bit of concealer only on the spots which need a bit coverage like on blemishes and any kind of pigmentation or dark circles. Avoid any kind of powder makeup products, as that will make your face look dry. To get a dewy fresh look, dab a bit of creamy highlighter on the cheekbones.

Add color to your face – If you are tired or sick, its natural to look a bit pale. But then if you add a hint of color on your face that will instantly brighten up the face. Go for a cream blush in brighter hues than you usually use, like fuchsia, warm pink or peach. To warm up the complexion and add definition to the face, go for a bronzer and apply it on the hollows of the cheeks, jaw line and also on the temples. If you have oily skin, puff on some translucent face powder on the T-zone area only that is the forehead, nose, chin.

Makeup for tired eyes – Often if you are tired, eyes are puffy and red. So avoid heavy eye makeup. To add some color on your tired looking eyes, pat on some flesh toned eye shadow all over your upper eye lids upto the crease. You can use a black or brown eye liner pencil on the upper lash lines and wing it out on the outer corner. This will open up your eyes. Curl the lashes then, and apply mascara on the upper eye lashes. You may line your waterline with a flesh toned eye liner pencil or leave it without any color. Do not use any concealer just below the eyes, as that will exaggerate the puffiness of the eyes.

Conceal the dark circles – Do not pile up concealers on the under eye areas. However, choose a concealer that is one to two shades lighter than your complexion and dab only a few drops of the concealer on the under eye areas and blend it in. Too much of concealer will get into the creases and emphasize fine lines. Finally, just add some highlighter on the inner corners of your eyes, that will make you look wide awake and fresh.

Lips – If your lips are dry and chapped which is generally the case if one is unwell, stay away from matte lipsticks. Matte lipsticks will only make the lips more dry, making the lip lines visible. Go for moisturizing lipsticks in light colors, thereafter you may dab on a bit of lip gloss too which will make your lips softer and look fuller. In case you only prefer to wear matte lipsticks, make sure to put on lip balm before to moisturize the lips, after that go ahead and put on the matte lipstick.

Additional tips to help you look good when you are sick or tired –
·         Use a face brightening mask prior to the application of makeup.
·         For de-puffing your eyes instantly, keep two steel spoons in the refrigerator for few hours, and when they are cold, put them under your eyes, and gently press for a few minutes.
·         You can also keep your regular moisturizer and eye creams in the freezer for few hours. And apply them when you are getting ready.
·         Keep your body hydrated by drinking enough water.
·         Carry some refreshing facial toner or rosewater and spray it on your face throughout the day whenever you get a chance.

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With the above mentioned makeup tips, you will look good anytime even if you are dull and tired or not feeling well.

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