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How to apply eye makeup for every eye shape

Eye makeup for every eye shape (Picture Courtesy : weheartit)
Eye makeup is a very important part of the entire face makeup. Eye makeup if done properly can make our eyes look bigger, brighter and awake. Another thing which we need to take a note of is that, we have different shapes of eyes. So in order to do our eye makeup perfect, we need to determine our eye shapes and accordingly apply eye makeup according to the eye shapes.

So, in this article, we shall give you the techniques to apply proper eye makeup based on eye shape.
Eye makeup for round eyes (Picture Courtesy : makeupgeek)

How to apply eye makeup on round eyes – If you have round eyes, you need to elongate it by lining the upper eyelids with an eyeliner starting from the inner corner till the outer corner, and forming a small cat eye or just extending it a bit outside. Then use a highlighter on the brow bones and inner corner of the eyes. Post that, apply a medium brown eye shadow on the upper lids up to crease, concentrate more on the outer corners of the eyes by packing more colors, and blend it well as you go towards the middle of the eyelids. In this way, you will get the desired doe-eye look.
Eye makeup for downturned eyes (Picture Courtesy : primped)

How to apply eye makeup on downturned eyes – Downturned eyes need a bit of lift, so the eyeliner will help you the most in this case. Just apply the eye shadow as a person with round eyes would. But the eyeliner should be thicker than the women of other eye shapes would apply it. So start from the inner corners of the eyes, up to the outer corners and at the end, flick it upwards into a smiley shape or cat eyes.
Eye makeup for deep-set eyes (Picture Courtesy : stylebistro)

How to apply makeup on deep set eyes – The only tip for makeup on this shape of eyes is that, if you apply dark eye shadows, do it very gently. Just highlight the areas of the eyes you would love to accentuate and give an illusion of round eyes. Dont let the dark eye shadows overpower the entire eye makeup.
Eye makeup for close-set eyes

How to apply makeup on close set eyes – For close-set eyes, we want to make them wider. So basically go for three eye shadows, first the highlighter which you sweep across your browbones and inner corners of the eyes. Then, a medium brown eye shadow which you apply on the eyelids from the middle part to the end, extend it a bit outwards. And while packing the color on the eyelids apply it in a round way. And finally to create more contrast, use a dark brown eye shadow on the crease. Then take the eyeliner, and start lining from the middle part of your eyelids and extend it beyond the outer part of your eyes in a straight line.
Eye makeup for protruding eyes (Picture Courtesy : popsugar)

How to apply eye makeup on protruding eyes – If you have protruding eyes, don’t use any highlighter on the inner corners of the eyes or the waterline. However, below the browbone apply some highlighter. Apply eyeliner very thickly from the inner corner to the outer corner and extend it in a straight line. The dark eyeliner on the lids will downplay the protruding shape of the eyes.
Eye makeup for hooded eyes (Picture Courtesy : stealherstyle)

How to apply eye makeup on hooded eyes – Hooded eyes have an extra layer of skin just underneath the brows, that just hides the crease areas and makes the eye lids look smaller. You don’t need much highlighter in this case, just apply a tiny bit on the inner corners. Next apply a medium colored shadow on the eyelids, and pack the dark eye shadow on the crease as well as on the outer V subtly. Apply the eyeliner on the eyelids, not in a thick way, and extend it out with a flick.
Eye makeup for monolid eyes

How to apply eye makeup on monolid eyes – A monolid eye does not have any crease. So, you need to apply makeup to this eye shape in such a way, that it makes the eyes look bigger and wider and open. Highlight the inner corners by using a white shimmery shadow and take it up to the centre of the eyes. Then take the next medium color and apply it from the crease to the outer corner of the eyes. Just create a round shape. Now define the same shape that you just created with the medium color, using a dark eye shadow. For the eyeliner, draw a very thin line which gets a bit thicker as it goes outside.
Eye makeup for almond eyes (Picture Courtesy : taaz)

How to apply eye makeup on almond eyes – Almond eye shape is the ideal eye shape. Its the most symmetrical eye shape. So half of your task is already accomplished by its own, as you don’t need to create the illusion of symmetry with makeup. So, for this type of eye shape, you can use eye shadow and eyeliner as you want. Just step back from the mirror and keep checking if things are upto your likings.

So, thats all about the eye makeup for different shape of eyes. If you follow the steps mentioned in this post, you can definitely achieve the perfect eye makeup and look gorgeous! Good luck!

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