Friday, May 13, 2016

My shopping experience with Limeroad

Online shopping is really fun and not tiring! Thats why i mostly stick to online shopping. I always love to try new e-commerce sites. is relatively a new e commerce site, and i had never shopped from the site, until last month. Now, i got 3 neck pieces from limeroad, and i will provide details about those stuffs, but first i would love to write a bit about the website.

I totally love so much of variety. From footwear to clothing, kitchen utility products to home decor stuffs and lot more can be found in the site. Also they have the option wherein users of the site can create collections or looks of their own in the form of ‘scrapbook’ and provide inspiration to others. The Designer section of the site deserves a special mention. Those who love designerwear, this site is really going to be an awesome fun site to go through and shop from.

Now, the first item that i received from limeroad is the red and gold beaded necklace. Extremely funky looking and one can wear it with Indian outfits as well as western outfits.  It came in a black box and inside there was a lot of cushioning. When i wore it, the lock got detached, so i got a bit dissapointed, but when i approached the customer care, they took care of it, and changed the piece. And the response was on the same day, so was really amazing! The price is around Rs 500 including shipping charges, so is very reasonable i must say.

The next item was the embedded pearl necklace. This is also around Rs 500 including shipping. This necklace got a classy look. Its not just a pearl necklace but got chains around too, which makes it quite different from a simple pearl neck piece. Whether one is wearing a saree or a normal top, this will go with any outfit. The packaging was neat, came in a white box and the necklace was bubble-wrapped inside.

The last item is my favourite right now! It is the emerald stone necklace. It is less than Rs 500 including shipping, but looks magnificent. This one really stole my heart! This came in a cute little black box. I think i am going to wear this neck piece a lot and lot!

Overall, this online shopping website has really impressed me. I am planning to buy some clothes next time from limeroad.  I would recommend this website to you if you are planning to buy something online. 

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