Saturday, August 27, 2016

Chambor White Crystal Whitening Essence Review


This is another product from Chambor which i got a few years back and used it then, but could never review it so far. Chambor White Crystal Whitening Essence comes in a plastic tube which is white in color. It comes in a 30 ml pack and costs INR Rs 750.

What Chambor claims about the Chambor White Crystal Whitening Essence ? : This lightweight essence penetrates quickly to whiten skin from within. Evens out the skin tone by effectively reducing spots and freckles. Skin looks visibly brighter and more radiant.

How to use? : Smooth over face recommended amount (approximately 0.5ml)each morning and evening after cleansing and balancing skin.

One tube of this really lasts long for at least 1 and half months, if applied twice daily as instructed. It got a scent. Chambor White Crystal Whitening Essence does not really work well, except if you want a moisturizer then this fits the bill. It is travel-friendly. However this particular product is not okay for oily skinned people as it adds a lot of shine on the face and makes the face a bit oily and greasy, which is a big NO for my skin type i.e. oily.

Chambor White Crystal Whitening Essence fails to whiten the complexion as it claims to do. So, am not at all happy with the product. And since i used this skincare product few years back, i dont have a picture of this right now.

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