Monday, August 29, 2016

Organic Harvest Orange Essential Oil Review


Today i am going to review one product which i have purchased perhaps 3 days back and had to immediately write about it to make the consumers aware. The Organic Harvest Orange Essential Oil is the grossest product i have ever used. It comes in a 10 ml pack and costs INR Rs 300. Not only the money went down the drain, but the pain and suffering that came alongwith this one product is worth to be shared.

What Organic claims about the Organic Harvest Orange Essential Oil ? : The citrusy and sweet aroma of this essential oil gives an emotional upliftment when used as diffuser.

This Essential Oil can be used for :
  • Healthy young beautiful skin.
  • Supports collagen formation and hence acts as anti-wrinkle.

  • Promotes hair to grow longer and fuller.

Body, Mind & Soul
  • Stabilizes and calms mind.

Composition / Ingredient : Pure Orange Oil

Precaution : Essential oil to be used only along with carrier oil for massage. If oil gets into the eyes, rinse them with plenty of water. Not recommended for children below 3 years.
Do not apply directly on the skin.
Essential oil can be allergic to the skin. The user is advised to use it at his own discretion.

How to use : Add 6-8 drops of the oil per 30 ml of product (scrub, lotion and cream etc). Add 4-6 drops of oil to an aromatherapy diffuser to scent your space or directly into a bath.

Now, coming to the result after using this Organic Harvest Orange Essential Oil. I used this only once alongwith the skin toner. Put 2 drops of this oil in 30 ml of Organic Neem Tulsi Skin Toner and applied it on the face and within seconds, the cheeks started burning as if i have poured some corrosive substance on the skin. The skin also got red and irritated and it was really painful and stinging. I immediately rushed and applied ice cubes within 2 minutes on my face, and also washed my face with cold water. But nothing was really helping. It took almost 40 minutes when my skin got a bit normal, a bit irritation was there on the skin, and still the cheeks were red and swollen. I applied a L√≥real moisturizer and somehow carried on with my work. After 3 hours or so, the swelling and redness disappeared.

Organic Harvest Orange Essential Oil comes in a miniature glass bottle with black plastic lid. Alongwith it comes a glass dropper to take the product and use. It smells of orange, a very strong artificial scent it got, which i really did not like and you can get the smell far from the next room. The oil is totally colorless and since you cant apply it on the skin directly dont know whether it is sticky or not.

Organic Harvest Orange Essential Oil is a big NO NO for me. I made my mother to try this too on her hands in a very less quantity just for review purpose, and it was stinging still. So in both the cases the product is a major FAILURE. I would suggest you guys not to buy this product at all unless you want a pain therapy.

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  1. Hi! I am sorry you had a bad experience with the oil since essential oils work amazing for their intended purposes. If the toner you used was water based then it won't work since oil separates from water and by result you would be indirectly applying undiluted essential oil on your skin. That's the reason the label always mention to use it with a carrier oil to dilute it. It would hurt the skin on your face more because it is much more delicate than the skin on your body. Best would be to add it with your tub/tube/container of your moisturizer. Depending on the weight of your moisturizer, you need to add as small an amount as you possibly can. Start small and then up it to the level that your skin can tolerate. I had to do tons of research before applying or even buying any essential oils. I bought a bottle of Orange essential oil from the Ancient Living brand and its working pretty well for me. I've added like 20 drops to my 200 ml of body lotion. I've also bought a few bottles of essential oil from Organic Harvest. Essential oil is very very potent and penetrates the skin easily. It even travels to the blood stream. What helped me most in understanding how to use it well was researching on the do's and dont's of using essential oil. Google the hell out of it haha :) Hope this helps!!

    1. I used this oil and I was happy by seeing the results .
      Take 10 ml of shampoo and add 3 drops of essential oil to it .shake and use you will get positive results(same you can use it to oil your hair ,instead of shampoo use oli of same quantity )

      Take 100ml of water boil to remove impurities cool the water then add 30 drops of essential oil to it. Apply to your face with cotton you can store this solution also .I am using it and I am happy .

  2. this is how it works it should burn like hell but that working from within amd it is not for daily use

    1. If you apply direct then it will burn