Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Uriage Isofill Wrinkle Focus Correction Serum Review

RATING :- 6.5 OUT OF 10

This is a really old product which i have kept in the drawer all used up just to write a review later on. And it is here almost for 6 months and i could not manage to review it until today. Anyways i think i have lost the outer cover. All i have is one instructional paper and this bottle. The bottle is plastic made and comes with a dropper. The Uriage Isofill Wrinkle Focus Correction Serum is priced around INR Rs 2470 for a pack of 30 ml.

Ingredients : Patented ISO 3-R Complex, Hyaluronic Acid, Glycerin, ‘Soft Touch’ Powders.

What Uriage claims about Uriage Isofill Wrinkle Focus Correction Serum ? : This serum, with a double concentration of active ingredients, contains the bio-active ISO-3R complex, which is capable of stimulating fundamental anti-ageing mechanisms for optimal effectiveness. Its lightly powdery fluid texture has powerful anti-wrinkle benefits that improve the skin's appearance, visibly restoring its radiance and smoothing out wrinkles.
Naturally reactivates collagen and hyaluronic acid production to restore skin substance.
Smoothes and corrects wrinkles
Reinforces the skin's capital of hyaluronic acid by protecting it against natural degradation for long-lasting anti-wrinkle effectiveness.
High oxidising power
Reactivates the cells' antioxidant abilities to prevent premature ageing.

How to use ? : Apply morning and/or evening to the face, neck and décolleté, before using the cream to boost its effectiveness. May also be used alone on combination skin. A few drops are sufficient for optimal effectiveness.

This is an okayish serum. Smells really amazing. Uriage Isofill Wrinkle Focus Correction Serum is white in color and is a cool gel like product which absorbs really fast on the skin. I guess would be awesome for oily and combination skinned people. Okay the claims are really a bit too much, as it cant safeguard the skin 100% against ageing and wrinkles but then how much can you expect in just 2400?

I am not going to repurchase this same product but then i wont say i am totally unhappy with this product. Skin looks quite evened out and glowy, which is a plus for aged skin. And if you are applying Uriage Isofill Wrinkle Focus Correction Serum alongwith any foundation, that too would work well and make you look good. So all in all, if you are looking for an okayish skin serum, without hoping a lot, then go try this out!

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