Friday, September 30, 2016

Lóreal Paris Infalliable 24-H Matte foundation Review

RATING :- 7.5 OUT OF 10

Lóreal Paris Infalliable 24-H Matte foundation is one of my recent purchases. I got this in the shade 13 Rose Beige. It comes in a plastic tube with black twist open cap. It contains 35 ml of the product and costs INR Rs 1399. It does not have any fragrance.

What Lóreal claims about Lóreal Paris Infalliable 24-H Matte foundation ? : Introducing new infalliable 24 H Matte Foundation by Lóreal Paris. A matte result that lasts upto 24 hours. Clinically proven, waterproof, steamproof. All the comfort, none of the shine. Perfect coverage. No cakey effect. Easy to apply, enriched with perlite technology, and reduces the appearance of shine upto 24 hours.

Lóreal Paris Infalliable 24-H Matte foundation is basically a foundation which will suit oily and acne-prone skin a lot as it dries in an instant and does not make the face look shiny or dewy. It totally gives a matte look as has been promised. However, for dry skinned people this wont be a good option unless they have applied a thick layer of moisturizer before applying this. Since the product dries very fast, you have to work fast with the foundation as during application too this dries out. So that is one disadvantage of this product.

The Lóreal Paris Infalliable 24-H Matte foundation settles in the fine lines and any open pores of the skin, so that is another big disadvantage of the product. While applying i have seen i need this foundation a bit more than the other foundations that i usually use like the Lóreal Infalliable Foundation and the Revlon Colorstay Foundation. The coverage that it provides is kind of light to medium, not full coverage, so you need a concealer to cover up any dark spots or blemishes or pigmentation on the skin. I did not notice any patchiness or cakiness yet. Regarding mattifying effect, as i already said it gives a matte look which stays well for hours at least 5-6 hours, but then i get some oiliness around my nose after an hour or so as usual.

I would say this is quite a nice foundation for oily skinned girls, so you might like to give this a try. Even though the claim of 24 hours mattifying look does not seem to be working, but definitely this Lóreal Paris Infalliable 24-H Matte foundation helps to keep up the matte look for longer hours than other foundations which makes the face look shiny and oily within half an hour.

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