Saturday, October 22, 2016

Chambor Brightening Smoothening Foundation Wet & Dry Review


I am back with another powder foundation review. It is the Chambor Brightening Smoothening Foundation Wet & Dry. I got this one in shade Dual Cashew 101. It contains 15 g of the product and costs INR Rs 1295. It has an outer packaging made up of cardboard, black in color. Inside is the glossy black compact case which when opened gives you a nice handy mirror, and a sponge applicator. Now i think i have lost the sponge, or it got mixed with the whole lot of sponges that i have so could not put up a picture of it here.

What Chambor claims about the Chambor Brightening Smoothening Foundation Wet & Dry ? : Use this miracle makeup foundation and get the radiant glow. This foundation is best suited for Indian skin!
Smoothening foundation provides a sheer coverage when used dry and gives velvety matte finish when applied with moistened sponge.
With whitening and antioxidant properties.
An extremely comfortable powder that transforms itself into a silky veil ensuring a natural make-up finish.
Suitable for all skin types.
Dermatologist tested.

How to use ? : Start applying from the area that needs most coverage, carefully smoothening over bumpy pores. This product can be used wet and dry. Buildable to achieve maximum coverage.

If you are looking for a full-on maximum coverage, this Chambor foundation is not for you then. Chambor Brightening Smoothening Foundation Wet & Dry gives sheer to medium coverage, and cant hide any acne scars, blemishes even when you apply the foundation as has been suggested by the brand. If your skin got a lot of problematic areas to cover up just like mine, a liquid foundation works better in most cases. Anyways now back to this one, if you apply this dry, it will act more like a compact powder or pressed powder and make the face matte without covering up anything or providing a base to the skin. If you use the sponge wet to apply the foundation, then the coverage is buildable. If applied a lot, it will get patchy and messy and might even give a whitish cast on the face. So make sure you use it very carefully and dont go on layering the foundation to get coverage. The texture is very smooth and velvety and blends well on the skin.

Chambor Brightening Smoothening Foundation Wet & Dry stays on for 3 to 4 hours at the maximum and even then in between my face starts getting oily on the T zone if its very hot and humid outside. But then my skin did not break out after i applied this, so thats a good thing about this. Also powder foundations are always light on the skin, one wont feel like they are wearing anything on the skin. Chambor too is same in this aspect. It has got a bit of SPF in it, SPF 12 to be precise, so provides mild protection against sun rays. So if you are in hurry, and dont have the chance to apply sunscreen before foundation, this can take care of the skin for sometime.

The only problem is the cost, which is quite high. The coverage that Chambor Brightening Smoothening Foundation Wet & Dry provides is not upto the mark compared to the cost. One would always need a concealer to hide imperfections alongwith this foundation. Also there are only 3 shades available in the market including this, so i dont think there are a lot of options for the darker beauties.


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