Friday, October 28, 2016

Lóreal Paris Liner Magique REVIEW


I have been using the Lóreal Paris Liner Magique for 2 weeks now and today i thought of writing about it. So this is basically a black liquid eyeliner from Lóreal. It comes in a small bottle made up of plastic, black in color. It costs INR Rs 399 for a pack of 3 g.

What Lóreal claims about the Lóreal Paris Liner Magique ? : Discover Liner Magique, our latest felt-tip liquid liner for intensely defined eyes.

Intense Black : 100%  black pigments for an intense black line in just 1 stroke.

Precise Lines : Non-drip, quick dry liner with precise applicator for easy-to-draw lines.

For Magical Eyes : Draw a precise line on the upper eyelid with Liner Magique. Complete your magical look with Kajal Magique on the waterline.

Smudge-proof. Waterproof. Non Transfer.

Opthalmologically tested. Suitable for contact lens wearers.

Do not use along waterline. Keep out of reach of children.

Talking about the eyeliner, it takes around a minute to dry entirely and once it dries you can get a semi-glossy kind of look. Its not entirely matte black. Its more on the glossy side. The felt-tip brush is not upto the mark, its kind of flexible which is really problematic for people who got shaky hands. Lóreal Paris Liner Magique is smudge-proof as has been claimed by the company and it is waterproof too. But then any usual makeup remover will remove the lines easily without putting in much effort. The packaging is neat and travel-friendly, i never saw any spillage, so you can just carry it around in your makeup bag. The intensity of black is not bad, the pigmentation is fine. Also one single stroke is usually more than enough to line up the upper eyelid, however just to fill up any gaps in between i go over the line once again. The liner glides on smoothly.

Swatch of Lóreal Paris Liner Magique
I would have to say, coming from a company like Lóreal, this eyeliner is very affordable indeed. The quality is also nice, and worth trying. Only grievance that i have against this Lóreal Paris Liner Magique is the felt-tip liner brush which could have been sturdy. Other than that, i must say this eyeliner is quite a good purchase, though i will not buy same eyeliner again, but then you can always go ahead and try this out if you are on a budget and still would like to try something nice.

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