Thursday, October 6, 2016

Revlon Plumpsexxxy Lipcolor Review (Shade 52 Muzzle Duzzle)


While going through one of my drawers, i found this Revlon Plumpsexxxy Lipcolor SPF 15 in the shade 52 Muzzle Duzzle. The packaging is quite dirty as it has been lying in the desk for a longggggggggg time now, i think i have hardly used this shade two times. Not at all a favourite of mine, anyways. It contains 4 g of the product and costs INR Rs 630.

The packaging of Revlon Plumpsexxxy Lipcolor is quite neat, the body is platinum gold in color with the middle part fully golden in color. The cap is see-through so that you can check out the shade without having to open the lipstick. It has got a faint vanilla odor. I am not again a fan of this kind of smell. It is very moisturising and shiny. The consistency is kind of creamy. When you apply on the lips, you can feel a mild cold kind of sensation, almost mint like feeling, wont say it is a tingling sensation as generally lip plumpers do have that.

When it comes to plumping the lips, this lipstick from Revlon is a big fail at that. It provides no plumpiness as the name would suggest. So if you want your lips to be plumpy, dont try this lipstick, its just a waste of money. Revlon Plumpsexxxy Lipcolor is not that superbly pigmented too, you need to go through the lines again and again to see the color, at least with this particular lip shade, so is the case. Since it is creamy, it can settle between the lip lines if not applied heavily.

Two good points that i can think of about this lipstick are that is very moisturising, so if you want some hydration on your lips go ahead with this. Also it contains some SPF, so you need not apply any more sunblock on the lips. Revlon Plumpsexxxy Lipcolor got a good staying power and stays on properly at least for 4 hours, without any munching. Now about the shade 52 Muzzle Duzzle, it is a medium brown shade, perfect for everyday wear. This shade is again not liked by me, dont know why. It simply looks too unflattering on me. Anyways, i am putting a swatch of this Revlon lipstick for you all here. And if you are into matte then this would be again a disappointment for you!

So overall, if you are just looking for hydration with some color on the lips, also some sun protection, this Revlon Plumpsexxxy Lipcolor will serve the purpose. However, if you want something to plump up your pucker, and you are expecting that to happen with this lip color then this will disappoint you totally!

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