Sunday, October 23, 2016

Votre White Essence Brightening Creme Scrub Review


I have used the Votre White Essence Brightening Creme Scrub for just about 2 times now and i can say this is the scrub you need for the winter season. Quite a nice product. A pack of 30 ml costs INR Rs 245 and i got mine from an online shopping site, and this one is a sample product which i got after shopping. This one has a nice mild fresh fragrance too in it.

What Votre claims about the Votre White Essence Brightening Creme Scrub ? : The rich creme based scrub gently scrubs away dead cell layer, impurities, dirt & grim leaving skin perfectly refreshed & polished.

Ingredients : Aloe Barbadensis, Papaya Seed extract, Rubus Fruticosus, Curcuma longa etc.

Directions to use : Apply evenly on damp face and gently massage/scrub in circular and anti-clock motion. Wash with warm water and pat dry.

Votre White Essence Brightening Creme Scrub comes in a white tube with white cap, however the sample comes in a tiny container which is also white in color as you can see in the picture. The product is milky white in color, and the consistency is creamy. When you apply on the skin you feel like you are applying some heavy cold cream or massage cream with few granules in it. As directed i just massaged the scrub all over my face and then after a minute of that i washed it off with plain water. I could feel the scrub is very mild on skin, and since its creamy based, it wont make the skin tight or harsh as usual scrubs might do. Dont think this is travel-friendly as the plastic cap is quite thin and therefore might crack anytime.

Votre White Essence Brightening Creme Scrub is a very gentle scrub, so great for dry skinned beauties. And obviously during winter, we need to retain the moisture of the skin, therefore this scrub works great. Am a bit doubtful though whether during summer this scrub will break my skin out or not, but anyways will have to wait till then to try and get the answer. Right now, am just loving this Votre scrub, and would love to repurchase this scrub again in near future. You can also try this out if you want something mild for your skin. However if you are looking for proper exfoliation, this may not serve the purpose. This one suits better as a daily gentle scrub.

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