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How to grow hair fast

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If you have always wondered how to make your hair grow fast, then this article can be of help to you. We would like to discuss the methods which can help you to grow your mane faster than usual.

Now its important to mention here that there are no full-proof scientific method to increase the growth of hair, but obviously one can stimulate hair growth. Some of the steps which can help you to grow your hair faster are as below :-

Go for such hair products which will suit your type of hair and also provide the mane lustre and protect it from the roots.

Hair requires amino acids to grow, and protein is the source of amino acid. Hair is basically made up of Keratin, and this keratin can be obtained from amino acids only. Therefore consumption of proteins is absolutely necessary. You can also go for keratin hair treatments in hair salons and spas. If done regularly, these hair treatments will make the hair healthy and also add shine to the hair.
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Dry scalp leads to dandruff formation, which prevents the growth of hair. So take care of your hair so that your scalp does not become dry.

While stepping out in the sun, you must protect your hair from sunrays, dust and dirt and pollution. Wear a scarf around your head while going out in the sun. Sun damages the hair, and dust helps in dandruff formation.

Not only you need protein, but also Vitamin A and Vitamin C, and iron and zinc. If you are not taking iron and zinc rich food,  that can lead to poor health of the hair as well as loss of hair.

Always stick to healthy diet plans as poor diet will lead to unhealthy hair.

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How to grow long eyelashes naturally

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Some women are blessed naturally with long eyelashes, but for some other women, thats not the case.

In order to add more of glamour and x appeal, long eyelashes are a must! Also long eyelashes make eyes look bigger and brighter. A quick resolution would be to use fake eyelashes. However, if you want to get long eyelashes then you can follow some beauty tips mentioned below –

Treat eyelashes with oil every night : Before retiring to bed, do not forget to use oil like castor oil, coconut oil or mustard oil on your eyelashes. This process must be followed regularly. Only then you can see your lashes grow in due course of time.

Vaseline therapy : You basically need good old vaseline and a clean mascara brush to do this. Every night apply vaseline on your lashes with a mascara brush. This would help in growth of lashes.

Include Vitamin E in your diet : Vitamin E supplements should form a part of your diet each and every day to give the long eyelashes you want.

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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Kriti Sanon's makeup in movie Heropanti

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Bollywood newbie Kriti Sanon, who came to the limelight after debuting in the tinsel town opposite Tiger Shroff in the movie “Heropanti” is a glam babe. She is blessed with natural good looks and sharp features and is very slim and trim. The young actress has got killer looks. She opts for simple or no-makeup looks generally, and rocks in that. Being pretty naturally, she just needs to enhance her beauty with makeup, by doing nothing overboard.

If you have watched the movie, and want to look like Kriti Sanon then this article would help you to know the makeup looks of Kriti Sanon from Heropanti movie.
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In the particular still picture, Kriti has gone for minimalistic makeup look. After prepping the face well, go for a golden colored eyeshadow to cover the eyelids. Contour the eyes with a brown shadow by just putting it on the outer corner of the eyes. Blend the brown shadow with the golden base shadow, so that no harsh lines can be seen. Now, go for a pencil liner in black or brown to line the upper and lower lash line. Follow that with falsies. For the cheeks go for a soft rosy blush. And then on the lips, go for a soft pink lipstick, with a touch of gloss over it to complete the look.

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Here's another still from Heropanti. Kriti has chosen to stick to her simple makeup looks in this still too. A light purple or lilac eyeshadow all over the eyelid gives a romantic makeup look. Followed by lining both the upper and lower lash line with black or brown eye liner. Fake lashes are extremely helpful to look prettier when one is trying the simple makeup look. Rosy blushes are a must when it comes to romantic makeup looks. Finally for the lips, Kriti has gone for a matte reddish orange lip color. If you want to make the lipcolor look softer, gently pat off your lips with a tissue paper to just get a tint of the lip color which remains.

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Shraddha Kapoor's simple makeup looks

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Shraddha Kapoor is a budding actress who has already grabbed many eyeballs not only for her roles but for her beauty too. She is extremely stylish and good looking lady, who is sensuous and charming. Daughter of one of Bollywood’s favourite anti-hero Shakti Kapoor, and sister of Siddharth Kapoor, Shraddha started acting in 2010. However it was last year in 2013 her film “Aashiqui 2” released, which made Shraddha super-hit amongst youngsters.

Many of us especially young girls do aspire to look like her. So how can you look like Shraddha Kapoor? If you are asking this question to yourself, then stop pondering. Here’s a short list of makeup tips which can make you look like Shraddha.

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Flawless complexion with subtle pink blush is enough for face makeup. Shraddha Kapoor has sharp facial features, so dont neglect the contouring part. However, contouring should be done with a light hand. Blending is very important, so pay attention to that. In the particular picture, she has used a light bronze wash all over her eyelids as eyeshadow. Followed by a silver/white highlighter on the inner corner of the eyes to make the eyes pop out and look brighter.

Then a light brown eyeliner is used gently to line the upper lash line. It can then be smudged with the eyeshadow using a copper colored shadow. Skip falsies, but coat the eyelashes well with 2 coats of mascara at least! For the lower eyelid, just add a touch of white eyeliner on the outer corner of  the waterline. Do not put any harsh lines with the white eyeliner. As that would make the look harsh. When it comes to Shraddha Kapoor’s makeup, everything is soft and natural and romantic. So same should be followed. After that, you can just use a brown eyeliner pencil to draw the outer corners of the lower lash line. Put on some mascara on the lower lashes too.

Coming to the lips, moisturize the lips well. You should not be attempting to do the Shraddha Kapoor makeup look, with chapped dry lips. So once the lips are prepped well, put on some berry or maroon colored lipstick, avoid gloss.

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This is another look of Shraddha Kapoor which is one of my personal favourites. She looks cute, and young, just a girl-next door look which is so very adorable and anyone can actually do this kind of makeup and go out without getting tensed whether the neighbours or co-workers or friends would jeer at her for doing too much of makeup! Pink is the theme of this makeup look of Shraddha Kapoor.

Start with clear face. After foundation and concealer, go for the eye makeup. Shraddha keeps her eye makeup real simple and easy. Not flashy. So just a peachy or champagne eyeshadow all over the eyelids. Follow that with brown eyeliner. Smudge everything well. Line the waterline too with the brown liner, concentrating more on the outer corner of the eyes. Apply coats of mascara on both lashes to finish the eye makeup. For the cheeks, apply a rosy blush. Put the blush mainly on the apples of the cheeks, it makes the face look rounder and younger. Dont forget to apply a bit of highlighter on the cheeks and also on the bridge of the nose. For the lips, keep it very simple, just use a pink gloss.

Shraddha Kapoor does not go for too much of makeup. So, if you want to look liker her, follow these steps and add a few steps here and there or skip some, and there you are! Just remember to keep it very simple.

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