Thursday, August 28, 2014

All about lipliners!

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Tracing the lip line with the help of a lip pencil may seem to be an easy task initially. However, it may not be such an easy deal, if you know what i mean! If you are trying to perfect the art of tracing lips with a lipliner, here are a few tips to follow which would help you immensely. Read on.

No visible lines :-  A lipliner is used to shape up the lips, thereby enhancing the lips and creating an illusion that one got fuller lips. However, the most common mistake made by many of us, is that we use a dark lipliner to line the lines and then fill it up using a light shaded lipstick, which leaves a visible line on the lips. Yes, i agree during the 90s this trend was on, but now we have changed a lot girls! So please dont follow 90s trend. This makeup trend has not yet come back.

Blend the lipliner with the lipstick : -  As i already said before a lipliner is there to give good shape to the pout. Especially this comes as an essential for ladies with thinner lips.

Firstly line the lips to bring out the shape of the lips properly. Then using your fingers start blending the lipliner nicely. Your lipliner should be the base on which the lipstick should be applied secondly. After blending, you should not be able to make out any visible lines. Now put on lipstick and blend both of it well to give you one seamless lip color as well as give the lips a natural shape.
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No over-enhancing the cupid’s bow :-  Cupid’s bow is the natural V-shape present above the top of your upper lip. To enhance the shape of the lips, defining the cupid’s bow is essential.
Using the lip liner just follow the natural V of your pout and draw the lips, thereafter blend it away with your fingers. Never ever draw stark lines on the lips which would create a harsh V-shaped lips. You can also put on a bit of highlighter or even concealer above the cupid’s bow which will add definition to the lips.

Go matchy-matchy with your lipliner and lipstick :-  If you are a fan of nude lipsticks, then opt for a nude lipliner. And if you are into reds, then go for a red lipliner. Your lipstick and lip liner should match so as not to create any visible lip lines.

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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Review : Thalgo Silicum Concentrate Intensive Restructuring Cellular Booster

RATING : 5.5 OUT OF 10

Previously i reviewed Thalgo Silicum Extracts Intensive Lifting Effect which you can read here. Today, i will talk about another product from Thalgo, which is Thalgo Silicum Concentrate Intensive Restructuring Cellular Booster. As the names suggest, the previous one contained just silicum extracts, however this product contains silicum in concentrated form.

Thalgo Silicum Concentrate Intensive Restructuring Cellular Booster contains 30 ml and costs INR Rs 3800. It comes in a glass container with plastic cap. Very neat packaging. The outer cover is lilac in color, which is very eye-soothing. Well, i could not take the pictures before, so once the product got totally exhausted, today i got time to write about it and take pictures, so excuse the bottle with no product!

What Thalgo claims about Thalgo Silicum Concentrate Intensive Restructuring Cellular Booster? : By combating visible wrinkles and skin sagging, this serum with restructuring Marine Silicum smoothes the skin and redefines the oval shape of the face.
Used as an intensive treatment, it acts deep down for a lasting effect. Your skin will be regenerated and firmer ; your wrinkles will feel “pushed out” from within, and the oval of your face will feel “lifted”.

How to use? : Apply in the morning and evening under our Silicum cream.

Thalgo Silicum Concentrate Intensive Restructuring Cellular Booster I feel is a bit over-priced as the results were not good enough! The serum has got an amazing fragrance. That is a plus point J But on a serious note, except the fragrance am not very happy with the product.

Thalgo Silicum Concentrate Intensive Restructuring Cellular Booster is a white serum. It is quite light and feels like a light oil when being applied on the skin, and absorbs fast. I dont think, skin type would be an issue if you want to try this product out for yourself. Its an okayish serum, making the skin look smoother and softer. Thats all. Yes wrinkles appear lesser, but that many other brands’ skincare products make it happen too.

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Dermalogica Extra Firming Booster Review


Hi everyone, so today i am going to review a product named Dermalogica Extra Firming Booster. It contains 30 ml of the product and costs INR Rs 3590.

What Dermalogica claims about Dermalogica Extra Firming Booster? : Recommended for drier or prematurely-aging skin. A super-concentrated retexturizing fluid that visibly firms and smoothes the skin’s surface. Seaweed Extract, Vitamin C and Protein Peptides tighten the skin, helping to reinforce the firming effect. Contains no artifical fragrance or color.

Ingredients : Water, Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, Bitter Orange Flower Extract, Palmitoyl Pentapeptide-4, Yeast Extract, Glycolipids, Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate, Clover Flower Extract, etc

Dermalogica Extra Firming Booster is a serum with gel like consistency. It seems to be a bit sticky when applied first but then absorbs after sometime. For oily skinned girls, this may not suit you well as the stickiness is there and also its recommended for dry skin types. I wont say it works wonder on the skin. Yes, good for maintenance and providing nourishment to the skin. However, after applying this, dont expect a botox-like effect where your skin would be totally uplifted and firm.

Dermalogica Extra Firming Booster gives a glow to the skin, making the skin look younger and a bit firmer. But nothing miraculous. The price is medium, so you may try this out. For dry skin, this will give you good nourishment and keep the skin moisturized thus keeping the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines minimized.

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Thursday, August 21, 2014

How to grow hair fast

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If you have always wondered how to make your hair grow fast, then this article can be of help to you. We would like to discuss the methods which can help you to grow your mane faster than usual.

Now its important to mention here that there are no full-proof scientific method to increase the growth of hair, but obviously one can stimulate hair growth. Some of the steps which can help you to grow your hair faster are as below :-

Go for such hair products which will suit your type of hair and also provide the mane lustre and protect it from the roots.

Hair requires amino acids to grow, and protein is the source of amino acid. Hair is basically made up of Keratin, and this keratin can be obtained from amino acids only. Therefore consumption of proteins is absolutely necessary. You can also go for keratin hair treatments in hair salons and spas. If done regularly, these hair treatments will make the hair healthy and also add shine to the hair.
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Dry scalp leads to dandruff formation, which prevents the growth of hair. So take care of your hair so that your scalp does not become dry.

While stepping out in the sun, you must protect your hair from sunrays, dust and dirt and pollution. Wear a scarf around your head while going out in the sun. Sun damages the hair, and dust helps in dandruff formation.

Not only you need protein, but also Vitamin A and Vitamin C, and iron and zinc. If you are not taking iron and zinc rich food,  that can lead to poor health of the hair as well as loss of hair.

Always stick to healthy diet plans as poor diet will lead to unhealthy hair.

( Written by aEsThEtIcS staff )

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