Sunday, September 25, 2016

Nivea Frangipani & Oil Shower Gel Review

RATING :- 7.5 OUT OF 10

Nivea Care Shower Frangipani & Oil shower gel is another shower gel which i have been using for the last couple of days. As i have mentioned many times before, i am not at all a fan of shower gels. Anyways, moving on to the review, this product comes in a plastic container, which is transparent in color with flip-open top. The product smells amazing. It contains 250 ml of the product and costs INR Rs 195.

What Nivea claims about the Nivea Frangipani & oil shower gel ? : Let this fresh shower gel with care oil pearls envelop your skin with a silky soft foam, while its invigorating scent of frangipani stimulates your senses. The caring formula pampers your skin, leaving it feeling moisturized. Turn an everyday shower into a moment full of freshness and care.
Moisturized skin feeling even after towel drying.

Ingredients : Aqua, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Trisodium EDTA, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylparaben, Methylparaben, Glycerin, PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil etc.

Nivea Frangipani & Oil shower gel is quite runny so you need to be cautious while taking out the gel from the bottle. It is kind of green in color with few microbeads in it. You need only a tiny drop of this to cover and wash your entire face. I use this more as my face wash in the morning after i wake up since the smell is really refreshing. It creates a bit of foam too.

Overall, Nivea Frangipani & oil shower gel is quite a nice product, its just that i am not at all into shower gel so not that much excited about this. I have also reviewed the Nivea Waterlily & Oil Shower Gel here ( read here ). But i like this one better since this one smells really awesome.

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Review of Lóreal Paris Youth code Dark Spot Corrector Serum Concentrate


Today i am going to write about the Lóreal Paris Youth Code Dark Spot Corrector Serum. It is priced at INR Rs 1550 for a pack of 30 ml. The outer covering is made up of paper and the bottle is made up of glass with metallic pump dispenser and a transparent plastic cap. The bottle is silver white in color. It got a nice fragrance, very similar to few Garnier skincare products.

What Lóreal claims about the Lóreal Paris Youth Code Dark Spot Corrector Serum ? : Daily UV exposure and age result in dull, uneven skin tone and the appearance of discolorations :
  • Dark Spots
  • Signs of sun damage
  • Post-acne marks
  • Age spots

Scientifically developed for a wide spectrum of skin tones and types. Youth code Dark Spot Corrector serum concentrate helps to improve overall skin quality over time.

BrightActiv Technology
Works on skin's surface to help correct and fade dark spots, resulting in a dramatically more even skin tone. Now, vibrant with a youthful look, skin instantly appears luminous as if lit from within.

See Visible Results

  • Skin is smoother, visibly more luminous
  • Skin is refined and hydrated

1 week
Improved skin clarity emerges

4 Weeks
Dark spots, age spots, sun spots, and post acne marks are faded

12 Weeks
  • Skin's evenness and luminosity are recaptured
  • Discolorations are dramatically diminished

Ingredients : Aqua, Glycerin, Dimethicone, Butylene Glycol, PEG-100 Stearate, Stearic Acid, Potassium Hydroxide, Sodium Citrate, Palmitic Acid, Laureth-7 etc.

Lóreal Paris Youth Code Dark Spot Corrector Serum is a white color serum which absorbs very fast onto the skin, and does not leave any oily residue behind. However, within 1 hour, my skin used to get very very oily and this caused my skin to break-out in less than 1 week, so i had to discontinue the usage of the serum. However, i gave this to someone else for usage. And after even a month that is 4 weeks, i could not see any of the claims made by Lóreal to be true. She had only age spots and sun spots and none of these spots got reduced or removed. Yes this is just a moisturizer, fit enough to hydrate the skin, and that is all.

So, if you are oily skinned, i dont think you can use the Lóreal Paris Youth Code Dark Spot Corrector Serum as there is a fair chance it might give you pimples, if your skin is pimple prone. Otherwise, this serum can be used for moisturizing properties by a dry skinned person. I dont think even i can use this during the winter as my face gets really too damn oily after using this and greasy. I wont really be recommending this to anyone.

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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Opti Care Matrix Professional Ultra Smoothing Masque Review


Here is another product the Opti Care Matrix Professional Ultra Smoothing Masque which i have been using for sometime now. It contains 490 g of the product and costs INR Rs 690. The container is all orange, and plastic made.

What Opti Care Matrix claims about the Opti Care Matrix Professional Ultra Smoothing Masque ? : Opti Care Smooth Straight is a professional haircare line formulated to help control and smooth chemically straightened hair. Enriched with Silk Amino Acids and Shea Butter to help protect, condition and moisturize for healthy looking, silky, shiny hair.

Professional Ultra Smoothing Masque
Intense conditioning to satisfy the extreme needs of very dry, coarse or chemically straightened hair. Smoothes texture and disciplines frizz to leave hair soft and manageable.

How to use ? : Apply to clean, damp hair. Distribute evenly, section by section. Leave on hair for 15 minutes, with or without heat. Rinse thoroughly. In case of contact with eyes, rinse them immediately.

Ingredients : Water, Cetearyl Alcohol, Stearyl Alcohol, Cetyl Esters, Shea Butter, Benzyl Salicylate etc.

Opti Care Matrix Professional Ultra Smoothing Masque has got a nice refreshing fragrance. I just love it. The consistency of the product is creamy and i apply it just as directed on my wet damp hair. And when i start rinsing it off with water, it lathers up a bit. The smoothness that the hair gets from the masque stays at least for full 2 days. The hair is much lighter, and fine without any tangles and very smooth and soft to touch. Also there is a bit of shine on the hair. The hair does not look limp or dull at all for the 2 days.

My hair is not chemically treated or straightened, but it is quite rough and dull. So after using this Opti Care Matrix Professional Ultra Smoothing Masque i have observed a lot of difference in my hair. Totally love this amazing haircare product. I will certainly repurchase this product and also try some other new stuffs from Matrix.

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