Sunday, December 14, 2014

Makeup Tricks to achieve an even complexion

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There are several skin issues like acne scars, signs and spots of ageing, rosacea or capillary issues, which can make the complexion uneven and dull. Now all these skin problems, can hamper the complexion only after a considerable period of time, but then its always good to know how to handle these kind of skin issues if they happen at all. So here in this article we put down a few important tricks that can create the illusion that you got a flawless even complexion!

Color correction – If your skin got a bit of redness or may be some sun burn, its always better to use a primer with a hint of color or pigment in it. This can actually neutralize the unevenness in the skin tone. Always apply this kind of a primer before you grab the foundation for the skin. If there is a lot of redness, go for a green tinted primer, it will diminish the red spots. If the skin is sallow, pink tinted primers or even lavender tinted ones will be extremely useful. So in this way, you girls can deal with hyper pigmentation issues, without piling on layers of makeup all over the face.

Don’t miss the ears – Yes, ears are often overlooked while applying makeup. But then its important to apply the same foundation on the ears too alongwith face, to maintain an even skin tone. If you are putting on makeup for an event or party, and putting ur hair back upwards or behind the ears, blend the same foundation which you have used on your face and neck, on the ears too so that it matches the skin tone of the face and neck. A bit of foundation on that region, with a light puffing of compact or loose powder will complete the makeup.
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Don’t forget your neck – After you have applied makeup, it often happens that the neck and chest is of altogether different color than that of your face. This can happen as a result of not using sunscreen properly and thus skin gets damaged due to sunrays. Or else you might have overlooked the neck and chest while you applied makeup on face, and thus the undertones on your face and neck are not matching. So when you are about to expose your neck and chest too, blend the foundation on these areas too. To add some warmth to the skin tone, you can lightly use a bronzer on that area or else even apply a bit of blush with a powder brush in order to even out the complexion properly. And don’t ever forget to apply SPF on your face, neck and chest while stepping out in the sun.

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Thursday, November 27, 2014

All about holiday makeup

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Holiday parties are fun always. It always allows one to be oneself and mingle with her friends and family and co-workers. In such parties, all are very cheerful and don’t mind any mess up with the arrangement of such a party. However, messing up with holiday makeup is never a good idea. And so here we are, to make you look fabulous during such a holiday party. We are gonna share all the do’s and don’t’s of holiday makeup.

Use shimmer wisely – Shimmery powder and highlighting liquids are there to add a nice healthy glow to your facial skin, so always be subtle with that. If you apply a lot of shimmer, it will make your skin look greasy.  Also with that kind of makeup, you would never like the way you look in pictures especially taken with flash. Add highlighter to cheekbones, eyelids and also on the brow bones.

Go easy with your winged eyeliner – Classic winged eyeliner is always a safe try, it generally never looks bad with most of the makeup looks. However, avoid over-extension of winged eyeliner. The wing should be drawn neat and clean and just extend the wings a bit beyond the lash line. Use an angled eyeliner brush and a cake eyeliner or a liquid liner to apply the liner easily and achieve the flick properly.
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Avoid heavy false eyelashes – Go for false lashes or individual eye lashes which will blend naturally with the lash line and wont look dramatic, but add to the volume. Also use a good volumnizing mascara. Wiggle the wand at the bottom of lashline and move the wand up slowly.

Try out pretty lip color – Skip the regular nude lip colors you generally use, and go for some colorful pretty lip color but don’t go overboard with it. If you are donning on a bold lip color, use subtle eye makeup.

Don’t forget your arms and legs – Apply moisturizer or body oil to hydrate the skin and add a nice sheen. If you want a bit of highlight on the skin, add a bit of highlighter or illuminator on the body lotion, and apply it on the exposed areas of the skin.

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Easy Makeup tricks for sagging neck

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Women tend to forget caring about neck, until the neck skin has already started sagging. However even when properly moisturized and sunscreen is applied regularly on the neck, we generally may not be able to avoid the skin getting loose over there.

So here we shall provide you a few makeup tricks for sagging neck that will hide the flaws in the neck region. Lets get started.

Believe in less is more – Piling up loads of makeup on the neck region is not the solution. And it can be worser if the temperature is high as all that makeup can easily get transferred to the collars.

Don’t forget the primer – Later on you might be using the bronzer as well as highlighter to cover sagging neck, always apply a primer beforehand. It’s a part of the makeup to conceal sagging neck. If the primer is not applied properly, the bronzer or highlighter can get transferred to the jewelry or dress very easily.

Use cream makeup – Powder makeup does not last long. So go for cream foundation, cream bronzer and even cream concealer. If the skin under your chin is sagging, use a small brush to apply foundation and blend it sideways while going under the jawline, don’t apply foundation vertically down the neck. If you are aiming to reduce the roundness of the neck region  extend the bronzer towards the end of the jawline. Whatever makeup products you use on your neck region, make sure its one shade darker than your actual skin tone, which will emphasize your jawline.
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Be careful with the bronzer – One of the biggest makeup tricks for sagging neck is the application of bronzer. To conceal or downplay the sagginess on the neck region, dust the lightest bronzer all over the lower jaw and neck area. Use a big fluffy brush to do that. Then blend everything well.

Make your eyes attractive – One useful makeup trick for sagging neck is to emphasize on your eyes more, so that those catch the attraction rather than your neck. Go for eye makeup which will make your eyes look bigger. Winged out eyeliner, and full eyelashes are of much help.

Use blush cautiously – Another makeup trick for sagging skin is to draw attention to the upper part of your face. So define the cheekbones properly with the help of blush. Take a big fluffy brush and apply blush till the highest point of cheekbones. Don’t extend it towards the temples. Also go for a nice neutral tone not a too bright pink one.
Picture Courtesy : buzzle

Opt for a soft lip color – If you put on a bold lipstick, you will draw more attention to jawline and neck. So keep the lower part of the face more neutral, go for softer lip color even a sheer one is fine.
Contour the neck – Contouring and blending is never ever done vertically, however to make your lips look slimmer, you can use a bit of shimmer there. Be very subtle.

Finish off with a translucent powder – This makeup routine had a lot of cream makeup products, however, a powder too finish off everything, is never a bad idea! Make sure the face powder matches with your skin tone. However avoid using any translucent powder with illuminators, because that will only highlight the sagging neck.

Style your hair and accessorize wisely – Your hairstyle and accessories can play a vital role to cover up sagging neck. Don’t go for chokers, use light necklace and heavy earrings. A long bob is a great hairstyle to conceal the sagginess.

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Thursday, August 28, 2014

All about lipliners!

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Tracing the lip line with the help of a lip pencil may seem to be an easy task initially. However, it may not be such an easy deal, if you know what i mean! If you are trying to perfect the art of tracing lips with a lipliner, here are a few tips to follow which would help you immensely. Read on.

No visible lines :-  A lipliner is used to shape up the lips, thereby enhancing the lips and creating an illusion that one got fuller lips. However, the most common mistake made by many of us, is that we use a dark lipliner to line the lines and then fill it up using a light shaded lipstick, which leaves a visible line on the lips. Yes, i agree during the 90s this trend was on, but now we have changed a lot girls! So please dont follow 90s trend. This makeup trend has not yet come back.

Blend the lipliner with the lipstick : -  As i already said before a lipliner is there to give good shape to the pout. Especially this comes as an essential for ladies with thinner lips.

Firstly line the lips to bring out the shape of the lips properly. Then using your fingers start blending the lipliner nicely. Your lipliner should be the base on which the lipstick should be applied secondly. After blending, you should not be able to make out any visible lines. Now put on lipstick and blend both of it well to give you one seamless lip color as well as give the lips a natural shape.
Image Courtesy : greenbeautyteam
No over-enhancing the cupid’s bow :-  Cupid’s bow is the natural V-shape present above the top of your upper lip. To enhance the shape of the lips, defining the cupid’s bow is essential.
Using the lip liner just follow the natural V of your pout and draw the lips, thereafter blend it away with your fingers. Never ever draw stark lines on the lips which would create a harsh V-shaped lips. You can also put on a bit of highlighter or even concealer above the cupid’s bow which will add definition to the lips.

Go matchy-matchy with your lipliner and lipstick :-  If you are a fan of nude lipsticks, then opt for a nude lipliner. And if you are into reds, then go for a red lipliner. Your lipstick and lip liner should match so as not to create any visible lip lines.

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