Monday, March 16, 2015

Mallika Sherawat's makeup look in the film Dirty Politics

Mallika Sherawat’s makeup is quite simple in the newly released film “Dirty Politics”. Her makeup look is such that can be wore on a daily basis. Not at all very dolled up or heavy hence suitable for regular makeup.

So in this article i will write about Ms Sherawat’s makeup look from the Bollywood film.

Mallika Sherawat wore sarees in many shots in the film. She was given an average Indian lady look with round earrings, bindi and half of her clutched. Her brows were neatly groomed and she got a radiant complexion with beige colored shadow on her eyelids or in some shots a metallic golden shadow. Her eyes are tightlined with black kajal, both the upper and lower lashlines. And to complete the eye makeup, coats of mascara has been used on her lashes.

We can see a nice glowing complexion of Mallika which is the effect of illuminator and skin highlighter. Contouring has been done mininally. On her lips a light brown lipstick has been used.

In the item song “Ghagra” in the film “Dirty Politics”, Mallika Sherwat has been given a glam makeover. Though its not at all heavy makeup. The makeup artists in the film has given Mallika all throughout a very sophisticated elegant look without going overboard with colors.

In the item number, Mallika’s avatar is of a village belle in ghagra choli with a bindi, nosepin and jhumkas. She got a beige or golden eyeshadow all over her eyelids and a medium pink shadow on the outer corner of her eyelids. She got false eyelashes on. On her upper eyelid, she got black liner on, which has been winged out at the end. And on the lower lashline, black shadow has been used to line the lower lashline concentrating on the outer corner and going lighter towards the inner corner. She got her blush and contouring done very lightly. On her lips she got a deep raspberry shade thats french raspberry shade.

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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Makeup tips for women who wear eyeglasses

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These days with so many types of eyeglass frames available in the market easily, you can never really look bad with eyeglasses on. Gone are the days when women dreaded to wear eyeglasses or spectacles, fearing she might not look good. This age got women stepping out of their houses wearing eyeglasses happily and really looking smart and pretty! Eyeglass frames range from thick tortoise shell type ones to cat shaped ones. I myself wear spectacles and never used contact lenses. So talking about eyeglasses when it comes to makeup for women like us who wear eyeglasses, makeup would be a bit different from non-eyeglass wearers or those who wear lenses.

So if you have chosen to wear eyeglasses over lenses and you want to know what kind of makeup is perfect for eyeglasses then this article would give you details regarding that. You will be a pro in few minutes after u go through this article full of tips which are specifically useful for women who wear eyeglasses.

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Stick to less makeup – If you are using eyeshadow, go for soft neutral eyeshades. If you are natural shades, it will enable your eyes to stand out more behind the glasses. However if you are using dark shades on the eyes it can  make the eyes look smaller. If possible invest in some good quality cream based eyeshadows with a bit of shimmer in it. They are perfect for makeup for eyeglass wearers.

Go for bold lip color – As you would be using neutral shades on your eyes, give your lips a bold shade. This will balance the makeup, and brighten the entire face. Also to make this fun and interesting, choose a lip color which matches the color of your eyeglass frame. For black frames, you can opt for cherry red lip color or bright pink. If the frame is tortoise shelled, then light plum and or Bordeaux would be great choices. Don’t go to extreme if you are not sure of it, but playing a bit with color on the lips would be worth the try!

Image Courtesy : magazinefarmaoptics
Don’t forget eyeliner – The trick to apply eyeliner correctly is to measure the thickness of eyeliner as per with the frame. If the eyeglass frame is thick, go for thicker eyeliner. And if the frame is thin, then go for thinner line of eyeliner. Instead of pencil eyeliner, go for gel liner. The gel liner got a long staying power usually and also the pigmentation is intense, so it can be visible behind the lenses easily.

Mascara power – You can skip almost all of the eye makeup but mascara! Mascara enhances the eyes the most particularly if you wear eyeglasses. Use thickening mascara which will separate the lashes and add volume to the eyelashes. If your eyes water, then apply mascara only on the upper eyelashes. This wont smear and smudge the makeup.

Apply blush softly to add definition to the face – To add a healthy beautiful glow on your face, nothing works better than blush, be it cream or powder blush. It will enhance the cheekbones and also highlight it. Blush wont make the face look flat. Start applying the blush from the apples of the cheekbones and then go upwards using a blush brush.

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Sunny Leone’s Makeup Look in Desi Look Song from Ek Paheli Leela film

Sunny Leone looks ravishing in the entire film “Ek Paheli Leela” as it seems from the trailers released all over. The most attractive feature was her bold pink lips which she flaunted in the song “Desi Look” and also in another song titled “Saiyaan Superstar”. Earlier too in the song “Babydoll” from the film “Ragini MMS 2” Sunny could be seen wearing a lipcolor akin to what she is wearing in the previously mentioned songs.

Now talking about Sunny Leone’s makeup look from the song “Desi Look” from the upcoming movie “Ek Paheli Leela”, the makeup look seems to be quite vibrant and peppy, and is easy to emulate. In the first sequence where Sunny is seen wearing a black embellished bejewelled bra, she got a really bright hot pink on her lips. Its in between the magenta and hot pink shade, may be the makeup artist used 3-4 shades of pink lip colors to get that vibrant look on her lips. She got dark smokey eyes to compliment the lip color. She seems to have a dark plum eyeshadow all over her eyelids upto the crease, and a bit of darker eyeshadow on the outer corner. To blend everything well, she has used a very light shade of pink, even a light pulm or purple would do, and then packed it all up onto the eye crease, blending any harsh lines. Her eyebrows are perfectly groomed. And the lower eye lid has been lined thinly with a dark eyeshadow or may be a kohl pencil and then smudged out. And to complete the eye makeup, she got some highlighter on the brow bones to finish the eye makeup off.

For the lips, she used a magenta + hot pink lipstick with glossy finish. In some clips, I could also see her in dark organish red lips. Contouring has been done very subtly, as its not at all a heavily bronzed look. But overall, her makeup looks quite glossy on the face. Not a matte look definitely!

In the other sequence, where she donned on pink bikini, Sunny got a light neutral makeup look with pink tones. She got a clear complexion, with pink creamy eyeshadow all over the eyelid upto the eye crease. And then she got golden shimmer as highlighter on the brow bones and also on the middle of the eye lid. Black eyeliner has been used to line her top and bottom eyelids with thin lines. She got fake eyelashes too. Sunny got nice pink glowy cheeks, and very light pink gloss on her lips.

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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Madara Advanced Anti-Aging Day Cream Review


Today i will review Madara Advanced Anti-Aging Day Cream. I purchased it 2 or 3 months back. Its cost is INR 3000 and comes in a 50 ml pack. The outer packaging is paper made and white green in color, and the inside cream container is white in color.

Ingredients : Birch juice, Alcohol, Squalane, Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil, Dicaprylyl Carbonate, Madara Extract, Red Clower Flower Extract, Lady’s Mantle Extract, Horsetail Extract, Sodium PCA, Chitin, Beta-Glucan.

What Madara claims about Madara Advanced Anti-Aging Day Cream? : Repairs skin’s DNA, presents environmental stress damage and stimulates the production of youth proteins. Wrinkles and lines look smoother, the skin is suppler and reveals a more youthful appearance.  Unique water-free formula with Birch juice and organic cellular repair complex Galium7 with Madara (Galium verum) extract and active Northern plants. Apply daily to clean skin to reverse the  effects of time and regain skin’s youthful appearance.

Madara Advanced Anti-Aging Day Cream absorbs fast on the skin and does not feel greasy or sticky. Does have a mild fragrance. The cream is light weight and white in color.

Talking about the results after using the Madara Advanced Anti-Aging Day Cream, i did not like the product. Apparently i could not see any miracles happening on the skin. Just an average or below average product which can be used as a moisturizer only without expecting any anti-aging qualities in it. No, i wont be purchasing this anymore. Not worth the money or the trial!

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