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Makeup for college students

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You are a teenager still if you are in college or probably you just have hit early 20s. Whatever be the number, you know you are youthful and having a fun time in your life. But this is the stage when you are not quite sure of what will look good on you. You may spend hours thinking about ‘how should i apply my makeup?’, ‘what makeup products should i use?’ etc. This article will provide you some helpful tips to do your makeup right as this particular blog-post is dedicated to college student makeup. So, don’t be stressed and don’t worry much, we have your questions covered!

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Skincare for college students – Before you jump in to makeup, taking good care of your skin is extremely important. You can get away from blemishes and acne if your skincare routine is good enough.
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·         Now, before application of makeup, its always necessary to start by washing your face well. If your skin is dry, go for mild cleansers, even cream cleansers will work. If your skin is quite oily, use a cleanser which has salicylic acid.
·         Next comes moisturizing your face which will hydrate the skin and prep the skin. If your skin is dry, go for heavy or intense moisturizers. If your skin is oily, choose an oil-free moisturizer.
·         Finally, don’t forget to wear sunscreen with at least SPF 30. If you don’t like piling too many products on your face, go for a tinted moisturizer which has SPF in it.

Makeup Base for college students –
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·         Foundations have a tendency to make one look older and the skin look cakey at times. So its best to skip foundation when you are doing makeup for college. You should look natural and accentuate your natural beauty.
·         However, concealer is a must-have. As an adolescent, you might have dark circles and acne scars or blemishes. Take a concealer which matches your complexion or just 1 shade lighter than your skintone. Just dab it on the spots which need to be covered up and gently blend it with finger. Dont wipe it! After that, put a bit of face powder over the spots so that its set. Its better to use a yellow tone concealer under your eyes, if you want to brighten the eye area. Dont go for concealers which are too pink or white or ash in color.
·         You can always use a tinted moisturizer as a base on your face instead of using foundation. However, its okay if you want some heavy makeup at times and then you can definitely go for foundation. Choose a foundation shade which matches your complexion exactly. Take a foundation brush and put the foundation on it and draw 6 lines all over your face, starting from nose all the way up to the forehead, then nose to your right and left cheeks, nose to chin and then nose to both sides of your jaws. Use the brush to blend everything well, and put some foundation on the neck too, so that the color all throughout your face and neck matches. You can also use a sponge or beauty blender to blend everything well.
·         Powdering the face is not required unless you have oily skin. Since you are already young, you will have a natural glow on your face and the face powder will kind of cover it up. So, you can brush powder on the spots where you have used concealers and also on the T-zone i.e. your forehead, nose and chin. This will help to absorb excessive oil keeping the glow intact.

Eye Makeup for college goers –
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·         Start by brushing your eyebrows upwards and not inwards. You can use an eyebrow brush or a toothbrush for this. Keep your brows neat and well groomed. Dont pluck the brow hair excessively.
·         For the eye shadow, go for a natural shimmery eye shadow. Apply it up to the crease, not on the brow bone. You can also apply some of it on the lower eyelids. If you have brown or hazel eyes, go for warm eye shadow colors like copper or gold hues. You can also wear some fun colors like blue or green if its night time.
·         I wont recommend a black eyeliner for a college student, unless its a special occasion. For everyday makeup, go for purple or brown eyeliners. If your eyes are small, avoid dark eyeliners. Also for a young college student, keep the eyeliner application on the upper eyelids thin as close to the lashes as possible. Too much of eyeliner can make one look like a raccoon.
·         For mascara, you can either go for brown or black mascara. Just wiggle out the mascara wand as you apply mascara on the lashes. Dont apply a lot of the product as it will result in clumpy eyelashes.

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Blush for college students’ makeup – You just need to add a bit of color on your cheeks without overdoing it. So keep the blush color natural. Dont opt for too dark or intense blush colors. Pink rosy blush or bronzers are ideal for college girls. And to apply the blush, just smile, and apply the blush on the apples of your cheeks. Some people even add blush on their foreheads, chins and noses, but i personally never did that, however you may try.

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Lips for college girls’ makeup – Instead of using a lipstick, go for more natural makeup products like a lipgloss or lip tint. Lip gloss will just enhance your natural lip color adding a bit of shimmer. And lip tint will add a bit of color to the lips. Soft pinks or light browns work well for college going girls. However, do not use dark shades, that will make you look older!

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7 Eyeliner Styles for you

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As the proverb, variety is the spice of life. And its essential to change stuffs to get rid of boredom in our lives. We change outfits, shoes, hair styles, lip color etc but what about flaunting different eyeliner styles everyday? Am sure, you girls would love to experiment with eyeliner styles. Whatever is our budget, we can always get an eyeliner to get our eye makeup done properly. So, here’s how you can change your look instantly with just the same eyeliner that you have been using the last month!
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1.      Usual eyeliner style – You can use a pencil eyeliner, a liquid eyeliner or gel or cream liner to line the eyes. The old usual eyeliner style is damn easy to achieve. Just apply the eyeliner on your top and bottom eyelids as close to the eyelashes as possible, blend it a bit out and to get an elongated eye makeup look, you can also tightline the upper lash line.
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2.      Thick eyeliner style – You can make the line thick uniformly or just make it thicker as you go to the middle till the end. So, if you make the line thicker from the middle to the end, the eyes will get a round shape. And if you just make the lines thick at the end, it will give a cat eye look.
If you have small eyes, don’t go for dark eyeliners, instead stick to gray or brown eyeliner.
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3.      Double Eyeliner style – If you have monolids or protruding eyes, then this eyeliner style will work the best for you as you will have enough space on the eyelids to work on. For monolids, double eyeliner technique will create an illusion of crease and definitely add dimension to your eyelids.So just line your eyes as you do, on the upper lids as close to the lashes as you want. And on the crease start lining from the outer corner till the middle portion and then blend it inwards to the inner corners of the eyes.
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4.      Winged eyeliner style ( Cat eye look ) – For a winged eyeliner look, you can just wing out the line at the end pointing towards the eyebrows. It can be just a tiny wing, or you can just wing out the line on top, or you can thicken the line out with a flick at the outer corner of the eyes.
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5.      Winged eyeliner style ( Elongated eye look ) – A cat eye look will give your eyes a slanting appearance but an elongated eyeliner style will create an illusion of pulling or stretching your eyes out. This is the best eyeliner technique for small eyes. So just line your eyes as you would do normally, and extend the line outwards a bit further than where your eyes actually end, you don’t need to flick up the line upwards like in the cat eyeliner technique but it can be a horizontal line.
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6.      Fishtail eyeliner style – If you are going out for partying or for some fun events, you can try this. However, this is not suitable for an everyday office or business makeup look. You can just create wings which can be splitted up at the end of the eyes or just cross the wings at the outer corner of the eyes.
( Winged inside eyeliner style ) Picture Courtesy : maybelline

7.      Winged inside eyeliner style – You can wing the eyeliner inwards by just extending the line inwards in the inner eye corners. If you have monolids or wide set eyes, this eyeliner style will work perfect for you!
If you have close-set eyes, avoid this eyeliner style, since this technique will bring your eyes close together, which is not required if your eyes are already close.

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Eye Makeup Tips for Deep-set Sunken Eyes

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Our eye shapes have a lot to do when it comes to deciding which eye makeup look would complement our eye shape in particular. This article will provide some tips for women with sunken deep-set eyes, so that they can get bigger beautiful eyes with the help of makeup. Different eye shapes will need to implement different kinds of eye makeup techniques to bring out the best! So, if you want to know how to do eye makeup for sunken deep-set eyes, read on.

The most noticeable feature of sunken deep-set eyes is the eyelids are darker than the rest of the face. So the first tip for makeup for sunken eyes would be to apply foundation or makeup base all over the face including the eyelids. This will help the makeup to stay on long and also give an overall same complexion.
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In deep-set sunken eyes, it’s always challenging to get rid of the eye bags which become very prominent. So, you can use a concealer which is a shade or two lighter than your skin tone to cover up any dark patches around the eyes as well as the eye bags.

A very important part of deep-set eyes makeup is to apply the eye shadows properly. Go for neutral colored eye shadows like beige, nude, light pink. It can be shimmery eye shadow, because that will help to lighten up your eyes. To illuminate the eyes, apply shadow on your eye lids up to the arches of the brows. Start from the tear duct and go all the way below the brow bone. Just to add a little bit depth, put a darker eye shadow color on the crease and blend it out.

Black or dark eye liners will make the eyes look smaller, so avoid those eye liners. Instead go for brown eye liners or gray or green. Another tip is to tightline your eyes with a brown eye liner or even a black one, that is to fill up the gaps in between the eye lashes on the upper eyelids using a kohl pencil. However, make sure the eyeliner that you use for tightlining is waterproof.
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Its always better to avoid using any dark colored eye liner on the bottom eye lids, however you can always line the waterline with a white eyeliner pencil, which will open up your eyes more, and is one of the eye makeup tips for sunken eyes.

For the eyelashes, do not go over the top with mascara. You need to curl your eyelashes first with an eyelash curler. Then, just put on a layer of mascara on your top lashes, starting from the roots and going outwards.

So, those are the little eye makeup tips and tricks for sunken deep-set eyes. If you follow them, definitely these will help your eyes to look larger, bigger and beautiful.

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Monday, August 31, 2015

Perfect Eyebrow shape for your face shape

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We all know by now, the plain and simple technique to determine your brow shape. That is putting a pencil at the side of your nose and finding out the beginning, the mid-point and the end of the brow. But girls, thats not enough. The technique is over-simplified and since we have different face shapes, this over-simplified eyebrow shaping technique may not work fine for all of us. Therefore, its essential to know which eyebrow type suits your face type. Here is a post for all of you which will provide you some tips on how to shape your eyebrows depending on your face shape.

Basically, there are 6 different types of face shapes, like oval, square, long, round, heart and diamond. So whatever your face shape is, now with the help of this post, you can define your eyebrows perfectly which will suit your face shape.

Best eyebrow shape for round face
Eyebrow shape for round face – The ultimate aim is to make a round face look less round, and for that we need to make the face look a bit longer. So draw a straight line from the beginning of your brow to the mid-point, it should go upwards as the brow go towards the arch. The arches should be higher than usual and once you reach the mid-point and got a high sharp brow arch, immediately continue drawing the line downwards till you reach the end point of the brow.

Best eyebrow shape for oval face
Eyebrow shape for oval face – If you got an oval face, that is considered ideal for eyebrow shaping. You can create a soft angled eyebrow. Just start drawing the line and moving it upwards a bit and then create a gentle curve at the top and move the line downwards softly.

Best eyebrow shape for long face
Eyebrow shape for long face – If you have long face, you need to create the illusion of a shorter face. So you need not draw any arches on the brows, just start shaping the brows horizontally and after the mid-point just bend the line a bit down. You need a flat eyebrow shape to compliment your face shape.

Best eyebrow shape for square face
Eyebrow shape for square face – If you have a square face shape, you would have square jaws that are quite strong. So, balance it out with thick strong brows with arches. So start shaping or filling your brows thicker than you may usually do, and at the mid-point create a sharp arch, this will make your brows look sharper and stronger balancing your jaws.

Best eyebrow shape for heart face
Eyebrow shape for heart shaped face – You just need a soft curvy set of brows which will create a nice heart shape with your pointed chin at the end and your brows on top. So line your brows in a rounded fashion, with soft arches in the middle. The brows should be soft and feminine to match your face shape.
Best eyebrow shape for diamond face 

Eyebrow shape for diamond shaped face – The ultimate goal while shaping eyebrows in this face shape is to soften up the angles on your face and making the widest part of your face look narrower. So a curvy eyebrow shape will soften the angles and make the face look narrower. So start filling the brows going a bit thinner while moving upwards to the peak of the brows, and then coming down sharply till the end of the brows.

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